Principles of Wealth

The One Minute Millionaire, written by Robert Allen and Mark Hansen, outlines some very important ideas that people must understand in order to succeed. These principles are called “Aha’s.” Here is a summary of 5 Aha’s:

1. Everyone Manifests: Nothing was created in this world that did not start in the mind. First you think about something and then you bring it about. Many people use this against themselves. They constantly think negative thoughts and then the universe causes those bad things to happen. The more passion you put into the thought, the more powerful the results will be.

2. Be Do Have: Before starting on the path toward a financial destination, you must start your trip knowing that youve have already arrived. Do not wait for millions of dollars to be in your bank account; be an Enlightened Millionaire today.

An Enlightened Millionaire knows that giving to other people brings abundance and that the principle reason to accumulate wealth is to help those in need. It is possible to make millions without charity, however, what you will have is riches, not wealth. With wealth comes gratitude, joy, and peace.

3. Live Life Above the Line: When something bad happens, those who live life below the line tend to blame. They will either blame others, the circumstances, or themselves. When you decide to blame you are missing an opportunity to learn.

Those who live above the line choose to learn, instead of blame when problems occur. In the event that they are responsible for whatever went wrong, they learn from what they did and resolve to do better in the future. If they are not responsible for the mistake, they still decide to learn from the situation rather than blame. This is the way an Enlightened Millionaire handles tough situations.

4. Abundance is your natural state: There is a neverending supply of abundance in this Universe. The one thing that stands in the way of us having an abundance of everything we need in our lives is ourselves, more particularly, our thoughts. All to often we reject abundance without even knowing it by saying or thinking things like, “I can’t afford that,” or “Our tax return came, but it doesn’t really matter because something terrible is bound to happen.” When we say these things, we are rejecting abundance. In order to begin a life of abundance we must fix our thought habits, show gratitude for what we have, and have faith that we’ll receive more.

5. Givers get: “Give, and it will be given unto you.” It’s the same sort of principle that causes friendly people to have the most friends and those who share their wisdom to receive more. By giving to others as you receive, you are showing the Universe that you know it is truly abundant.

So remember, every thought you have will manifest itself in your life, be an Enlightened Millionaire today, live life above the line, accept the abundance, and give as you receive. These principles will help you become truly wealthy.

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