Principles of Prosperity

There are those who are rich and then there are those who are not. What is it that makes the difference? It isn’t intellect because I know one too many fools who are wealthy. It isn’t luck for we have all heard of stories of grime and dirt where one overcomes all odds to reach their destination.

It is really a matter of following a few simple principles in life.

1. Humility
In simplicity this means that you should spend less than you earn but the philosophy is much more important to understand and appreciate. The philosophy implies humility. To be less materialistic and more meaningful in life is the underlying idea here.

2. Honor
Do you honor your commitments? If so, then the universe will have a way of honoring you back. If you do what you promise, then others will do the same for promises they make to you. This may not seem to be the case in the short run, but it is always the case in the long run.

3. Obligation Free
Financially this means that you have no debt. Morally this means that you don’t owe anyone anything that was due to them and not delivered. If you follow this principle morally, the financial result of being debt free will come automatically.

4. Presence
You have an awareness to live in the presence and not in the past or in the future. You are concentrating on the task at hand and not the baseball game next Saturday. There is no advantage to think of the past or future (except to learn or to plan) therefore focus your concentration in the present.

5. Skeptic
You do not believe everything at first sight for the eyes often deceive. You go looking under the covers to find more meaning and understand things deeper.

6. Youth
You are able to retire young, at least at 50. This comes from a mindset that you have to determine a long time before about your age and your goals. The more you focus on your youthfulness, the more ‘youthful’ you will be when you achieve your financial goals.

7. Honesty
You don’t hide the fine print when making a sale but in fact make it very well known to your customer. You may lose a few in the beginning, but those you convert, will become your salespeople working for you for free. They will strongly profess your trade to their colleagues and bring you much more business than you ever lost.