Prevent Zits From Ruining Your Life

So you are suffering from zits and want to know how to prevent zits from further appearing? Below are a number of different ways in which you can prevent zits from forming in the future.

1. It is important that you do not over cleanse your face. But if you do have oily skin then wash it twice a day. On the other hand, you will want to use a moisturizing cleanser if you have dry skin.

2. Always remove your makeup before going to bed. After removing your makeup wash your face and moisturize it prior to turning in for the night.

3. A good diet is vital if you want to prevent zits from forming. So avoid junk food and instead eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. It is important that you drink lots of water as this is a great way of keeping your skin hydrated. This keeps your skin looking fresh and new, and keeps your body cleansed on the inside too.

5. Don’t touch your face. I said stop touching your face! Remember your hands are covered in all sorts
of germs and bacteria and so every time you touch your face you are transferring these from your hands.

6. If you have oily skin then you do not need a moisturizer. If you do need to use a moisturizer, use one that is light.

7. If at all possible keep your hair away from your face. Hair is oily and dirty (even though it may not look like it is). The products you use build up and can then be transferred to your skin. So try wearing your hair pulled back from your face (many zits appear on either cheeks or the forehead) and just see what difference this makes. Plus, keeping your hair pulled back at night will also help to keep dirt from being transferred while you are asleep.

8. Change your pillowcase every other night (or even every night if possible) especially if you are prone to zits. It is good to remember that both bacteria and skin cells will build up on a pillow and then end up clogging your pores. By using a fresh pillowcase you are helping to cut down the amount of dirt that is actually touching your face.

9. If you are suffering from stress this can cause a flareup of zits. Try using different methods of de-stressing such as stretching or walking. Yoga is a great way of relieving tension.

10. Along with a good diet you should ensure that you are getting the right sorts of vitamins and minerals. Take a multivitamin to provide the extra vitamins that you need.

By following the tips provided above you should be able to prevent zits from further forming in the future.