Preserving Your Perfume

When you spend that much money on a perfume you expect it to last a long time. There are several different reasons why a perfume will not last long after you purchase it but the main reasons why is due to heat, light, oxygen or ingredients.

Heat can harm the perfumes preservation, not to mention it can be flammable. It is a great idea to store them away from heat, such as a heater, heating vent, stove, etc.

This can cause the heat to dissolve the natural ingredients and the chemical used to preserve it may be ruined. Light is not good for perfume life.

If the perfume is left in the light for too long, it can cause it to become discolored and the scent will become weakened. Oxygen can develop inside the bottle as you use it.

When the space that once stored your perfume fills up with oxygen, that oxygen can cause the perfumes smell to become altered as well as the color.

There are several ways to preserve your perfume. Perfume should last for up to one year on a full bottle. As you use it, the quicker it will expire.

Buy perfumes that come in aluminum containers or use the original packaging to keep the bottles stored in. Glass bottles are beautiful but they can ruin the perfume quickly. You can’t control the oxygen that gets into the bottles.

Buy perfumes that come in a spray like aerosol. The spray bottles hold the scent longer and prevent dust and other particles from getting to the perfume.