Presentation Skills

There are constant arguments on whether a person is born talented and gifted or a person becomes such in the course of life due to a number of reasons. Of course, inborn abilities are very often crucial; however, only persistent work upon oneself can guarantee success. What characteristics are vital for becoming a successful scholar, for example? Are high achievements ensured by intelligence and research skills merely? We argue that for being truly successful, one has to possess a capability of presenting his work.

Presentation skills can and should be trained. Long time ago it was noticed that a good expression of and idea makes the biggest share in the positive perception of the idea. Centuries ago outstanding writers, philosophers offered their vision on how to achieve best results in public speaking. Although the world is much different from what it was in the past, basic rules for presenting ideas are universal. So what are the most important options one needs to follow to achieve best results in presenting project, research, paper etc nowadays? The first essential notion is your general look when you talk in front of the audience. You have to look accurate, well-dressed and modest at the same time. Indeed, what is important in regards to appearance is balancing between being elegant and modest. Seriousness – that’s what should come to mind when looking at you during your presentation. Another essential thing is your communication with the audience.

With your first words you have to set contact with the listeners. Eye contact is a significant element of contact as a whole. Don’t stare at walls or ceiling, look directly into the audience. Your eyes should reveal your sincerity and interest in what you yourself are talking about. When you demonstrate authentic interest, this will attract audience’s attention for sure. If you manage to touch your listeners so that they ask questions, discuss the matter you speak about, than it’s a sign of real success. And that’s what you should aim at. People appreciate sense of humor and react mostly positive to speaker’s jokes. However, here you should remember not to cross the line to familiarity. You don’t have to make a show out of your presentation; because it is a part of the serious project. But you can use some elements, instruments, like board, some schemes whatever to make your presentation more vivid and appealing.

All in all, you have to demonstrate confidence in what you are presenting. Your outlook should be formal in style, but bearing some aspects of your personality. You have to sound persuasive, providing strong arguments for your viewpoint. One more really important thing is the manner you speak, your voice and gestures. They have to be proof of your confidence, on the one hand, and flexibility, on the other. The way you present your project is very often a key to overall success, because your presentation can convince the audience that your research is worthwhile.