Presentation Skills Training: How to Captivate Your Prospect’s Attention in a Way that Sells

Presentation skills training:
Thursday evening I took my son to a Woman’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship playoff game. My son is a big sports fan but this was the first time we attend a WNBA game.

It was a very exciting game and surprisingly the halftime show was as captivating as the game. A lady on a very tall unicycle started riding around the arena. Then she was thrown a bowl that she balanced on one foot while she was on the unicycle. Then with her foot she tossed the bowl in the air and it landed on her head. That drew a mild interest from the crowd.

Then she did the same stunt with two bowls at once and they landed on her head. Then three bowls. Then she did it with four bowls at once. At this point I forced my attention away from the show and looked around the stadium. All eyes were glued on this little lady on the unicycle. She commanded the complete attention of the thousands of people in the arena during this amazing halftime show.

Then when she balanced five bowls on one leg while riding around on this very tall unicycle even the snack vendors and the people in the isles had to stop and watch this. She then kicked the five bowels in the air and you could sense all eyeballs were on those five bowls as they went sailing through the air. Then as if by magic each if the five bowls actually landed on the top of her head. The entire arena burst out in applause and cheers as that fifth bowl safely landed on her head.

That was a presentation skills training session for me on the power showmanship has on people.

Each year as part of my sales training program I conduct a national product presentation selling skills competition. Some of the highest selling sales people from across the nation compete for trophies and cash prizes in this sales skills contest.

It seems very consistent that each year’s top winners (and top salespeople) are the ones who use effective showmanship in their product presentations. This is showmanship that captivates prospects attention to make more sales.

After observing hundreds of these skillful product presentations nationwide here is my sales advice on:

Product presentation skills training on showmanship that captures attention and captures sales

  • Make it different – One salesman climbed in the trunk of the car he was selling and had the customer shut the trunk with him in it. The he used the inside the trunk glowing release to show how this safety feature would help prevent a tragedy with a playing child. Most salespeople just point out this feature he used showmanship to be different and memorable.

  • Make it fun – One salesperson put a small amount of oil on the hood of a car. He then lit the oil spot with a match and a small fire started on the hood. He did this to show the durability of the paint.

  • Make it benefit focused –One salesman used a rubber mallet to whack the cars headlights then he had the customer take a couple whacks. He did this to demonstrate how the headlights would withstand small flying road objects.

  • Practice your show –I’ve noticed the best showmanship stunts salespeople do (and unicycle shows do) they practice it first. The more complex the stunt the more they practice it to make sure things come off as they intend.

Your sales presentation skills training action item:
Incorporate several showmanship items in your sales presentations. Try to make them different, fun, benefit focused and make sure you practice them well first. Do this and you will capture more prospects attention, make more sales and have more fun.