Present Reality Is Manifestation Of Past Thoughts

You know that your thoughts create your reality. But if you are trying to find out how all your thoughts today are creating your reality today, you are making a mistake. Some of the things that happen today are created by the thoughts you think today, but there are many more things you experience today that are the result of the thoughts you’ve been thinking many days ago. Depending on what those things are, some of them take varying amounts of time to manifest into present reality.

Thoughts take time to manifest into the physical world. What you see with your physical eyes is yourself at various moments of your past. Present reality allows you to look at yourself so that you can create the next version of yourself. What you see is an illusion that is designed from various moments of your past. The way to use this world you see with your eyes is to see it as your past and to discover what to change and grow. Present reality is a gift for you to know yourself.

Present results are the effects of previous thoughts. In other words, when you look at the world today, you are actually looking at yourself as you were yesterday. The world at any present moment of now, reflects your thoughts and state of being before the present moment of now. Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. If you want things to be different, you have to think and do things differently.

The present moment is what you have sent to yourself. The present is pre-sent by yourself in the past to be experienced in the now. It allows you to experience your past thoughts and to change them if you desire to. Be grateful for the present because it allows you to experience yourself. The reason why thoughts take time to manifest into the physical world is so that we are given the chance to reconsider our intentions and change them before they are experienced more tangibly by us and with others.

Physical reality is mental reality expressed. To express is to make known, to communicate and to present. You experience your thoughts first in the mental world which is your imagination, so that you may know which ones you truly intend to accept and work on. The thoughts that you have chosen with the will to be fully realized, becomes what you experience a second time as manifest reality. The physical world is designed to enable you to experience an idea and it’s effects and consequences.

If your thoughts manifested instantly in this plane of existence, you would not have the chance to cancel them before they are fully experienced by you and others. That is why it is a good thing that physical reality works that way. If you want to manifest a thought into physical reality, hold on to it and concentrate your intention for it to be so. Consistency of thinking and the belief that it will happen is what brings your thoughts into materialization in this world. Full creation is mental as well as physical.

The future first exist in the imagination, and then the will and finally in reality. It takes the will for anything to be fully experienced. The will is the director of reality. If you want to create anything completely, you have to use the will to make it happen. The will is focused intent. Persist in your intention until it is realized in physical reality. You need to have patience as you continually think those thoughts until they have been given enough time for the universe to arrange everything for them to happen.

Once you understand that the present moment is not only created by present thoughts, but also by past thoughts, you can know the reason why you still experience certain things in the present that are not in alignment with your present thoughts. The causes of your present reality may extend far into the past. Therefore when you look at what is happening now and wonder how did you create it, realize that it is very well the effect of your thoughts and actions months and years ago.

The state of your life right now is partly who you are and who you were. Some of your current affairs are the residual effects of your thoughts in the past. You can create reality anew this moment with the thoughts and feelings that you choose to have in the present, which will create your future. Do not think that whatever that has been will always be, no matter whether it is good or bad. You must continue to think the right thoughts and feel the right feelings in order to continue creating the reality you desire.

Real change happens instantly the moment you change yourself on the inside with your thoughts. But the effect of inner change will take varying amounts of time to become fully experienced in the outer world. Some of its effects will be experienced faster while others will take longer. Once you have decided to make a change, persevere with it all the way. Time will go by until you notice that your present reality is completely different from how it was in the past. It is a whole new world for you.