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Preparing to be a Parent: Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

pregnant woman in seashoreParenthood is a dream for many Australians, no matter the age they decide to become parents. But it takes a lot of effort beforehand to ensure the pregnancy period is smooth. The average age of pregnancy in women in Australia ranges between 29 to 30 years of age. Earlier, people considered 29 or 30 to be too late for pregnancy, but today it is more of a possibility. Several avenues exist to help women get pregnant; if they can’t, at the age they are ready to become a mother. Prenatal vitamins in Australia are the first choice for several women when they are ready to conceive, as it helps prepare their body for the baby. But there are several other tips that to-be parents can follow to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


Prenatal or the period before conception is of great significance and also has several effects on the child. Both parents should prepare at least three months in advance while trying to conceive. This period helps prepare the womb for conception and develop a healthy fetus.

The Right Diet

Couples trying to get pregnant should start paying attention to what they eat and their mealtimes. They don’t have to watch their weight but have to include more proteins and fibre in their diet. Fish is an excellent choice during this time, but not larger ocean fish like sharks and shellfish. Vegetarians can opt for plant proteins, but these are lean proteins, and so people must also intake proper amounts of fats. Drinking ample water is also vital for both parents as maintaining proper water intake levels helps internal organs function better.

Cutting Down

Couples moving towards parenthood should also pay close attention to their caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and drugs intake. Limiting caffeine is helpful while trying to conceive and also helps form a healthy baby. Smoking (first-hand or second-hand) is detrimental to conception, and to-be parents will have to quit smoking immediately. Additionally, there are several OTC pills and drugs that can interfere with the pregnancy. OTC pills for headaches, pains, and the like, can lower the chances of getting pregnant.

Getting Active

The benefits of an active lifestyle are global knowledge, and several people have an exercise routine in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, physical activity is a requisite even after conception. Parents-to-be should consider taking up a physical activity or including exercise in their daily routines. They can consult with their gynaecologist if they have any concerns and opt for the most suitable exercises for their daily routine. Women, in particular, should take up activities they can continue even after pregnancy without exhausting themselves.

Consulting a Gynaecologist

Couples who decide to become pregnant should visit a gynaecologist who can give them appropriate advice on ideal conception practices. Gynaecologists can also advise them on ideal diets, prenatal vitamins, exercises, and other healthy practices. To-be parents should also regularly visit the gynaecologist after conception to check on the baby’s health. The months before conceiving are also crucial, and consulting a gynaecologist before trying for pregnancy is advisable for the healthiest pregnancy.

Taking Those Vitamins

Specific multivitamins for the prenatal period, gestational period and postnatal period exist to make the pregnancy more effortless. These pills are OTC and available all over Australia. Studies show that more than 47% of women take prenatal multivitamins. And 51% of women take gestational multivitamins in their second trimester. Several women opt for prenatal vitamins in Australia because of their composition. They consist of essential nutrients like folic acid, vitamins, proteins, calcium, and other essential minerals. These nutrients prepare the womb for successful conception.

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