Preparing for Car Transport Pick Up

When preparing for car transport pick up you should make sure that you get your car ready. It should be washed so that the condition of your car can be accurately given. This is very important so that any problems with your car can be seen like scratches, dents and other marks. All visible damage will be written down in an inspection report and will eliminate questions about damages when your car is delivered to you. You should also clean the inside of your car out because the car transport company is not responsible for personal items being left in your vehicle.

Turning off the alarm is a good thing to do before you car is picked up. This will keep your alarm from going off during transport. And you don’t want your battery to be dead when it arrives to you. So make sure your alarm is off. These are some of the ways that you can prepare your car for transport.

Make sure you don’t have a full gas tank when preparing for transport. This can be a weight and safety issue. You don’t need much gas left in your tank the driver just has to drive it on and of the carrier. Secure down or remove items on your car such as fog lights, antennas, spoilers, bike racks and any other item that can be damaged on your car during transport.

If your car is a convertible you will want to put your top up to keep moisture and wind from damaging your vehicle. If you don’t have a top for your car put a tarp over it to keep the weather elements from getting into your car and damaging things inside your car. You could also consider an enclosed car transport to keep your vehicle from becoming damaged. An enclosed car transport is great for valuable cars or any type of car that you want to keep out of the weather. An enclosed car transport also keeps your car safe and secure.

Other things to do is to check the air pressure in your tires and that you battery is charged. If your car is leaking fluids, the driver may refuse to load your car on the top of his trailer because of the fluids dripping out. If your vehicle is hard to start, let the driver know ahead of time incase he should need to do something with it before starting. You could be charged extra money if the driver has a problem loading or unloading your vehicle.

Especially if your car does not run at all, it will take more labor to get it on and off the carrier. Just inform the driver about your car ahead of time so that there are no surprises. Your car transport should go smoothly. Just remember these preparation tips for pick up of your vehicle.

If you let your car transport company know all the details about your car then they will be prepared for making this a good car moving experience for you.