Preparation For Filling In Internship Application Forms

If you’re a college student looking for an internship, most likely you would have to undergo the experience of filling-in countless application forms. Even though it seems like a boring task to do, especially if you have to complete a lot of them, you should be careful in doing so.

Hastily finishing a form so that you can pass it early is not the way to do it. If you want your form to have an edge from the hundreds of other applicants, you should take your time and deliberately watch every detail that you put into it. However, if time is that essential to you, preparation can be done to make your filling-in time a lot shorter and easier.

Here are some tips and things to remember if you want to prepare beforehand for all those application forms coming your way.

Before Starting: Instructions And Other Vital Notices

Most of the time, whether you are completing a form online or in writing, you will get an application pack, which includes a person specification, job description and some guidance notes. You should heed on these kind of information, before you even start completing your form.

Sometimes, there are special instructions indicated such as, word counts and deadlines. Additionally, it is essential that you are sure that you are qualified to fulfill the given criteria indicated by the person specification. A lot of people apply waste their time applying for positions that are obviously out of their league.

Some application forms also require special formats. There are forms that may indicate that you should use black ink only or blue. They may also entail you to write in block letters or in all caps. Details like these, however major or minor they seem, are important. A lot of people have their forms land in the trash bin, just because of overlooking initial instructions due to excitement of finishing the form.


Preparing beforehand would be better too. You can prepare different lists of the usual information that you think the form might require you to provide. Information like activities, which you are currently involved in at your university both socially and academically, are some of the common ones.

You can also list down whatever special skills that you have, along with attributes that you have developed in consequence of your experiences. You can also make a list of the different extra-curricular activities that you have had during your stay at the university. Preparing these kinds of information could be very helpful to you as a time saver.


Sometimes, doing a little research can be beneficial. You can try researching about the company that you are applying in, before you fill in the form. The most useful and easiest source for information would be the Internet. However, you can also have direct contact with the company, especially if you have specific questions regarding the application.

One common mistake that applicants make is confusing the corporation they are applying to for another one. Obviously doing this can bring your application form straight down the drain, so please be careful about this!

These are just some of the things you can do to prepare in filling in an application form. Additionally, you can still use these helpful tips in the future, when the time comes that the forms you are about to complete are not for internship anymore, but for real work!