Premium Payments Related To Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is one of the most common types of insurance policies in the UK. Since critical illness insurance was brought in the UK during the mid 1980’s till now, there has been a lot of evolution. Back in the year 1990, critical illness cover started to make a success in the insurance industry due to direct sales forces.

Thus, by the end of the year 1998, around 2.25 million critical illness policy sales could be counted in the UK. Nowadays, there may be no exact figure of the total number of critical illness cover sales. According to, about 72 percent of people in the UK are yet to have a critical illness cover.

There may be various reasons why people do not have a critical illness cover. People might have bought another form of insurance policy like life or mortgage protection insurance. Also, many people might not be fully aware about how critical illness insurance can help. Additionally, many people may be unable to afford premium payments related to the benefits they want from critical illness cover. Let’s have a look at premium payments.

The Association of British Insurers says that you must either pay a premium for the critical illness cover either each month or each year. This depends upon the agreement you had made with your insurers before booking the deal. You should think well about which option to choose. Paying monthly premiums may be affordable but when this accumulates for 12 months the payment might seem huge to make.

Basically, the amount of cover you want from critical illness insurance may depend on the amount of premium you are ready to pay. Remember that premium payments may vary according to your health, age, sex, whether you are a smoker, the amount and type of cover you want and how long the cover will last. As long as the critical illness policy will stand, premiums might increase. The reasons and possibilities for the increase might be clearly explained in the key features leaflet. On the other hand, there are also other existing policies which might promise to never level up the premium payments.

Furthermore, many insurance companies may allow you to take critical illness cover if you fall between the age range of 18-60. Your insurers may also check your health status. If you are in good health you may be more likely to be eligible for critical illness cover. Besides, most companies may offer you the choice to buy a joint critical illness account. This joint account may protect you and your partner simultaneously and may pay out a lump sum when any one member falls critically ill. This might be an advantage as both members may not have to pay out separate premiums for separate critical illness policies.

In addition, some critical illness insurance companies might also allow you to enhance your cover. This can help during periods of inflation or when you get married and form a family, that may get you involved in bigger responsibilities. If you had chosen this option before taking out the critical illness cover, you may find your premium payment values increase according to the cover. Other companies might offer you the liberty of widening the cover at any time. But this may mean that you provide updated information about your health before the company decides whether to give you the extra cover or not.

When you buy critical illness insurance do not always choose those with the cheapest price tags. I am sure you would not like the idea of your claim being rejected at the most crucial moment. Not all low priced policies offer many benefits. So choose your critical illness insurance wisely.