Pregnancy Yoga for Third Trimester | Prenatal Yoga Positions

Pregnancy Yoga for Staying Healthier in the Third Trimester

Yoga is gaining more and more popularity because women are getting aware of the physical benefits of yoga as well as prenatal yoga. Pregnancy yoga helps women glide gracefully through the evolutionary process by providing an opportunity for inward reflection and healthy physical and emotional conditions.

Pregnancy yoga can be continued even in your third trimester with just a few pregnancy precautions. In this third trimester of your pregnancy, everything becomes more difficult to perform. Such as tie your shoes, climbing upstairs etc.,

Pregnancy Precautions To Be Taken In The Third Trimester

Pregnancy yoga practicing becomes a little more difficult. Thus, you need to take more precautions than before however there isn’t any reason you can not continue to practice up to your due date.

Pregnancy yoga works well for those who are working and are now on maternity leave because it is the good time to practice yoga. If you were able to practice pregnancy yoga with some vigor in the second trimester, it becomes easy in this trimester and can benefit from practicing yoga stretches and gentle prenatal yoga positions.

When you are still attending a prenatal yoga class, then it is most important to inform your yoga instructor regarding your due date. Also remember that now it is the time to take it easy rather than an overachiever.

Always it is better to consult and check with your doctor before you begin any of the new exercise programs or if you have queries about the type of pregnancy yoga that is best for you.

Better continue to stay in tune with your body, allow your body to relax and take it easy. It’s a good idea to continue breathing exercises, as it helps you during the birth process.

There are some prenatal yoga positions suggested for the third trimester of pregnancy. Hip openers such as Triangle, Knee to Ankle, Pigeon, and Warrior II. All four Cat-Cow positions will help create the flexibility that makes the baby get in proper position, head down and it’s back turned toward your belly. Thus giving birth becomes easier.

Of course, these prenatal yoga positions were adapted by you during your second trimester but must be practiced with some extra caution. Avoid jumping, twists from the belly, deep back bends and any work that involves strengthening the abdomen.

The most important aspect to remember when practicing pregnancy yoga during this stage is to control your breathing and listen to your body. Practicing pregnancy yoga and listening to your body will definitely help you prepare mentally for the birth of your baby.

Also, focus on your breathing, with long inhales in through your nose and exhaling slowly through your mouth. By doing this, your body cells will get the nourishment they need and help with anxiety and stress that goes with giving birth.

The best part of practicing pregnancy yoga is it helps you to lose the excess weight and tone up your body after giving birth to your baby and your body will be in a good condition. So, start practicing your yoga poses gently as well as the meditation and breathing exercises.

No matter if you are just entering your pregnancy, or in the last trimester, with a regular pregnancy yoga practice you’ll find that it has much more to offer you toward having an easier pregnancy, birth, and toning up your body after delivery.