Pregnancy – Nausea During Pregnancy

Unfortunately pregnancy nausea is to be expected when you learn that you are carrying a baby. This article will discuss the truth about nausea during pregnancy.

Pregnancy nausea is most common during the first trimester or the first four months of pregnancy, however, the condition and the symptoms do vary from one woman to another. One woman may experience severe vomiting in the morning, while another may experience vomiting at night. Other women may not vomit but feel nausea 24 hours a day every day of their pregnancy.

It is most common for this condition to end quite abruptly after the first few months, however, on some occasions it occurs for a while longer, or even the whole pregnancy.

As common as this condition is its true cause is not widely known. Most doctors put it down to the hormonal changes in a woman’s body or a blood sugar imbalance.

Generally speaking, pregnancy nausea causes absolutely no damage to the woman or the unborn baby. However, in severe cases excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration in the mother and that will mean she will lose vital vitamins and minerals and in extreme cases hyperemesis gravidarum may result which requires immediate hospitalization in most cases.

How To Avoid Pregnancy Nausea

There are some things that you can do to try and avoid this occurring or to minimize its impact. I would recommend that you start by getting out of bed slowly every morning. If you usually feel nauseated in the morning then it is best to only have a very light breakfast as soon as you wake, even if it’s some dry biscuits, before you even get out of bed.

It is also a good idea to avoid your stomach becoming empty and for that reason you should eat something very small, even dry biscuits or toast, every two hours or so.

Herbal teas, fruit juices and water are also highly recommended. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks of caffeinated drinks. Sometimes spicy or fatty foods may also not agree with you and should be limited it not avoid altogether.

Ginger tea or ginger in tea form is said to reduce morning sickness.

It is also important that you get as much rest as possible, in a comfortable position with your legs elevated by a pillow and also your head. Also don’t rush to get up after you have just eaten.

Some form of fresh air during pregnancy is also beneficial and if you are able to have a window open slightly while you are sleeping you will also benefit from this.

If you vomit up to four times a day, if you are experiencing dehydration or if you find blood in your vomit you must consult your doctor immediately. He may also prescribe tablets to help cure your nausea during pregnancy.