Pregnancy Journal – The Story Of Your Baby

Pregnancy should be handled with great compassion and care. Numerous researches in this field conclude that the period of pregnancy is the most important period of a woman’s life. It is also one, when she feels very lonely and is desperately seeking love, affection, security and support. During this period, it is the duty of the other members of the family to provide the would-be with all the support that she needs and keep her always smiling and happy. We all know that only happy mothers give birth to healthy babies. This is where we need to keep a pregnancy journal.

Planning Is Important

If we trace the first steps toward pregnancy, we realize that everything happened so fast that we did not have enough time to plan. We suddenly become so busy doing nothing that we can do very little of what we actually want to do. During such a period, it is a very good idea to keep a record of your daily routine, i.e. maintain a pregnancy journal, which keeps one busy and at the same time develops a memoir of those very precious days, which one would like to read repeatedly in the days to come.

The most important thing while writing a pregnancy journal is that you should be uninhibited. Do not feel shy. Try to write everything that you feel. You will be surprised to learn that there is so much to write. From the first sign of pregnancy, you can keep writing of all your experiences till after your delivery. Write down each precious moment into your pregnancy journal. It later becomes like your marriage album, which you can smile over again and again flipping through, throughout your lifetime. You can mention many issues easily if you decide to maintain a pregnancy journal. You could write about your first days of delight when you and your husband discovered about your pregnancy, your cravings for odd food items at the middle of the night, your exercising routine, the changes in your physical appearance, the gifts you received from everyone, etc., as you monitor your pregnancy week by week.

Also, do take your husband into confidence and discuss every issue related to your pregnancy with him. After all, he is the most important person in your baby’s life too just as he is in yours.

As you reach the peak of your pregnancy, your pregnancy journal, which started with just a few sheets of paper, will grow into a complete handbook. It could also serve as a very useful guide for future would-be mothers in the neighborhood, or for your relatives, and at the same time assist you in future if you decide to become a mother again.

Last but not the least; please understand the significant role played by your physician if you are expecting a baby. Once you are pregnant, you should remain in constant touch with your physician and act according to his advice.