Pregnancy – Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, both man and woman. It is no surprise that methods of giving birth has evolved through time and continue to change. Through the years medicine has been an ally of women in giving birth. Nowadays, women are opting for natural childbirth instead of medication assisted delivery. Hypnotic births are now widely used to substitute for medications used to relieve pain.

Before anesthesia was discovered and developed, women gave birth naturally. In other cultures giving birth is a celebration. Women gave birth peacefully. Pain during childbirth is natural and necessary. Unfortunately in the west childbirth was perceived as a very painful process. The image of a woman screaming while pushing her baby out is the first thing that comes to mind.

Pain is the primary reason why hospital births with medications was devised. Most women grow up with the fear of pain in childbirth and expect it. Numerous testimonies from friends and relatives support this idea. This further solidified the fact. This is the reason why women have supported medication assisted delivery through the years.

Nowadays other women have confronted this fear and opt to give birth naturally. Natural childbirth has resurfaced. It used to be prevalent in 60’s and 70’s. Women are now turning into this archaic method to have a safer delivery. Medical interventions have been known to have undesirable effects both on the mother and the child. In worse cases it is also fatal. It has been found that the medications used during delivery in hospitals have side effects.

Other medical interventions are also unnecessary. More often than not these medical interventions have a snowball effect. If something goes wrong, doctors do another medical intervention to correct it. Epidurals can lead to prolong delivery, which in turn can lead to a cesarean section, forcep delivery or vacuum extraction.

In the last few years there had been an increase in cesarean rates. Women underwent unnecessary cesarean sections because the doctors were afraid to get sued if they say no to a patient’s request. Before doctors usually avoid cesarean section as much as they can. Nowadays requesting for a cesarean section has been considered as a right. Mothers do have the option to give birth the way they want it. Others say that mothers don’t want to go through the strenuous process of pushing the baby. They opt for a pain-free child birth.

Women now have more options without going under the knife. In response to the recent increase rates of natural childbirth, modern methods had been devised to help women. Hypnosis is one the modern pain management methods. Midwives and doulas take center stage in natural childbirth. They serve as hypnotherapists to guide the mother during childbirth. Classes and instructional materials such as audio tapes and CDs are available for interested mothers. Unfortunately its effects will solely depend on the mother. The mother is the only one who can get in and out of a hypnotic state. It also wouldn’t work if the mother does not have belief on her self and on the method.

There had been numerous misconceptions of hypnosis. Others would think of it as a trick to control another person, as seen in television, magic shows and movies. This has made hypnotic births spread solely on word of mouth or testimonials of friends who have gone through it.

Although information is scattered all over the internet skeptics are not far behind. Others who would rather rely on conventional childbirth and medicine can not be easily persuaded.

Hypnotic birth is a fairly new practice. For now we cannot be sure if it will resolve the rising cesarean rates. If you’re a mother who can afford her own doctor and get the best hospital treatment money can buy, why go through a hypnotic birth which doesn’t have a guarantee that will eliminate pain during labor and delivery?

Nowadays with the obsession of perfection some women are just too posh to push. Hypnotic births can be a solution but it will depend on the mothers. Natural childbirth is not some form of martyrdom. Some women just want to be empowered and deliver their baby safe and drug free.