Pregnancy Health – Your Primary Asset

Healthy mothers deliver healthy and happy babies.’ – This is not just a quote, it has a deeper significance, and the importance of pregnancy health deserves to be elaborated upon before each and every would-be mother. Usually, one takes the matter of one’s health very casually. If you do not visit the doctor every now and then, you think you are quite healthy. However, this is seldom true. Visiting the doctor has nothing to do with good health. Any laxity on the part of the mother at any stage of pregnancy can have a serious effect on the pregnancy health of the baby and at times the mother as well. Therefore, it would be a wise idea to keep a weekly pregnancy calendar to monitor your health, because your pregnancy health has a direct bearing on the health of the baby in your womb. Always try to remain in the pink of health.

Pregnancy Health – Never Be Complacent

Once you get aware of the early sign of pregnancy, you should start controlling your diet by taking foods rich in protein, vitamins and energy because as the fetus grows in your body it starts to feed on the minerals of, which saps your energy levels. Once in this stage you constantly feel lethargic and weak, besides, you constantly feel pangs of hunger to replenish the energy of your body and provide food to the young one inside you.

During this period when you have missed your first period, which is the first sign of pregnancy, you may experience body pains, which are normal because now your body will get ready for the physical changes that are required to deliver the baby. To get relief from pain you can take hot water massages on the affected area, which is usually the area of the abdomen and your back. At the same time, avoid taking too much strain or picking up heavy objects. Maintain good pregnancy health.

You might notice that your breasts feel tender and are becoming bigger and heavier as your pregnancy proceeds. Sometimes, a thick yellowish fluid oozes out of the nipples. Do not be worried. This is colostrums, which contains antibodies for the health of your baby. Usually this happens in the third trimester. You can make yourself comfortable in such a situation by using bras with pads to avoid embarrassment in public places.

It always pays to remain alert during the period of your pregnancy. Always keep a pregnancy journal, which records your pregnancy health on a daily basis. You can also undertake exercises or Yoga on the advice of your doctor to remain active. At the same time, keep on the lookout for any unusual activity like bleeding or leaking from the vagina, inflammation, persistent itching or vomiting, blurred vision, etc.

In such cases, consult your physician immediately.