Pregnancy Fitness – Useful Exercises For Pregnancy

It is a common misconception that exercising while you are pregnant increases your risk of miscarriage. This is not the case and no real evidence has ever been put forward to support it. On the contrary, the benefits of exercise at any time of your life, pregnant or not, are well documented. However, it would be wise to modify your routine while you are pregnant and follow some safe exercise during pregnancy guidelines. Following the guidelines below should help you have a safe and fit pregnancy, with a greater chance of giving birth to a healthy, happy baby.

1. Always consult a doctor or qualified specialist about your exercise routine, especially if you are pregnant
2. Start very slowly being careful not to over strain yourself, this is particularly true if you have not done regular exercise for a while
3. If you feel any pain or if you feel uncomfortable then you should stop immediately and take a break. If the pain continues, see an expert.
4. While, pregnant you should never exercise to the point where you are gasping for breath and feel exhausted. This is an indicator that both you and your baby are struggling to get the oxygen they need.
5. Swimming and walking can be two of the most ideal forms of exercise for the pregnant women.
6. You most wear the correct footwear while exercising. Keep in mind that you are now supporting more weight that you were previously so things like strong ankle support on your footwear, is vital.
7. You must take regular breaks and drink lots of the right kind of fluid – Not tea, coffee, coke, or anything remotely similar to these!
8. Avoid contact sports while pregnant, for obvious reasons.
9. Always warm up and cool down before and after exercise.
10. If you decide to do any sort of strength or weight training the emphasise should be not on muscle gain necessarily but on improving muscle tone. Areas to focus on would be the upper body and the abdomen.
11. You should avoid lifting weights above your head
12. It is also essential that during the second and third trimesters you should try to avoid exercises that involve you laying flat on your back.

The bottom line is that a program of regular exercise while your pregnant could greatly improve the health and efficiency of your heart and blood vessels. It will also help you find and maintain a body weight that is right for you during pregnancy as well as helping you to shift those unwanted pounds soon after birth. Exercise will also help prevent constipation and overall will give you much more of a chance of actually enjoying the pregnancy and birth than if you didn’t exercise.