Pregnancy – Experiencing Motherhood

We usually say that the essence of womanhood is in being a mother. Every woman nurses a secret desire to become a mother one day. However, many compulsions force us to avoid pregnancy at times. Celebrity status, family compulsions, personal commitments are some of these reasons due to which we delay a pregnancy. Some times, we are so engrossed with our careers and professions that we have no time to devote attention to this most important part in the life of a woman. Even though this event takes place in the life of practically every woman, there is very little information available with most women about pregnancy. Some women, who are in the habit of writing, keep a pregnancy journal to share their experiences with others.

Complacency Has No Place Here

According to a survey, most American women become pregnant within a month of unprotected sex. Only in 15% cases, there is a need to consult a physician in this regard. In such cases, it is necessary to monitor pregnancy week by week. Therefore, it is very important to understand the meaning of pregnancy. Moreover, one should understand how one becomes pregnant.

During unprotected sex, the X and Y-chromosomes present in the semen of the male travel through the vagina of the woman to meet the Y- chromosomes present there. Once united, they develop the fetus, which grows in the uterus of the woman and eventually becomes a baby. Usually, this process gets underway as soon as you have unprotected sex even once; in some cases, it may take longer. The snag occurs only when there is some problem with the fallopian tubes or uterus of the woman or in semen of the male. If you cannot develop early sign of pregnancy even after two months of unprotected sex it is advisable to consult a physician.

Then there is also the doubt whether you are pregnant or not when you are trying to conceive. Nature has provided certain telltale signs, which indicate that you are pregnant. Some of these signs are physical while others are conditional. One of the very first signs of pregnancy is a slight bleeding you spot on the days of your menstrual cycle as you miss a period. This is the result of implantation of the egg which is formed by the unison of the chromosomes, to the uterus.

Another physical sign of pregnancy is the tenderness in the breasts and the softness of the nipples, which indicate that the mother’s body is getting ready for the role of motherhood i.e. breastfeeding.

In addition to the physical symptoms, there are certain other symptoms as well, that indicate a pregnancy. Well, your frequent visit to the toilet is one clear cut symptom of pregnancy. Then there also may be a feeling of nausea or vomiting along with constipation that you might experience if you are pregnant. All these signs indicate that you should consult your doctor and take a formal test to confirm a pregnancy.