Pregnancy Eating Disorders – Surviving Pregnancy

A pregnancy eating disorder is a very serious health issue for many women to deal with. While any kind of an eating disorder is difficult, when it involves pregnancy, the problem is multiplied.

A woman who is pregnant needs to eat healthy in order for her unborn baby to get the nutrients it needs. When this doesn’t happen, health problems can occur. The mother can experience depression, exhaustion, amount other things, but the baby can also experience serious health risks as well.


This eating disorder is so hard on your body. Women who suffer from this will do anything to starve their body and attempt to control weight gain during pregnancy. It’s not uncommon to find women with this disorder who will throw up after eating any mean, or take laxatives to get rid of the food. This has a traumatic effect on the fetus.


With bulimia, the problem is overeating and binge eating. Some women who are having a difficult time during pregnancy will resort to food as a way of dealing with it. Often times they will later throw up or utilize laxatives to try and limit the weight gain.

Some of the problems your body can experience with any pregnancy eating disorder include:

-Low birth rate

-Chemical imbalance


-heart problems

-gestational diabetes

-high blood pressure

-premature birth

-brain development issues

-respiratory problems

Being pregnant can be a challenge for every woman. It’s natural to feel depressed once in a while or experience a time of wanting to eat everything in the house so to speak.

It’s when these thoughts and actions take over your life that the problem becomes very serious. Talk with your doctor if you’re having problems in this area. Don’t put it off. Pregnancy eating disorders are very serious.