Pregnancy And Your Children – Surviving Pregnancy

There are few things in life as exciting as telling everyone the news of your being pregnant. Part of that excitement is sharing your pregnancy with your children.

While older children will immediately know what being pregnant means, small children may not, leaving you with some work in explaining everything.

You’ll need to take the time in helping your children understand they will be having a new baby brother or sister in the not too distant future. Keep tuned in to their reaction because this will be important.

All children will react differently. You may find that your child is upset with the news that you’re pregnant, while others may be very excited. Our 3 year old daughter was excited the entire pregnancy. She would pretend she was pregnant like mommy at times.

Ho do you handle some of these different reactions? Well, if they are happy and excited that you’re having a baby then there is nothing more to do. But, if your child is distant or tells you they don’t want a new baby, and then you need to talk with them.

Ask them why they feel the way they do. You have to get to the bottom of their feelings. Do not just ignore them. They may be scared that you’re not going to be there for them any more, or that you’ll love the baby more.

This is the time to bring the family together and make sure everyone knows they are loved. After the baby is born, dad should have more involvement with the kids since mom will be busy with the baby.

You can also involve the children during your pregnancy by letting them help in picking out some clothes, bedding, or other room decorations and toys. Our 3 year old picked out a few toys and even an outfit for the new baby.

Let them feel the baby moving around in your belly or hear the heartbeat if possible. You might even ask for their help in picking out a name if you haven’t decided on one yet.

By involving your children in your pregnancy, you will be making things so much easier for them when that special day arrives that they have a new brother or sister.