Practice Gratitude – the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Are you ready for wealth building with an investment that has infinite returns?

True wealth begins in the heart. You can create enduring wealth and prosperity and an endless waterfall of giving and receiving with one simple but profound feeling and practice, gratitude. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

The simple focus of gratitude lifts my spirits, opens my eyes to all the riches I have within and around me and brings a smile. From the breakfast I just ate, to a wealth of family and friends, to the computer on which I am typing, to my home and the beautiful parks within a quarter mile, the books and music that inspire me, my coaches, teachers and mentors, my clients, my health, to the love I have and have had over the course of my life. . . I am rich.

What’s amazing is that once you get into the spirit of gratitude and focus on what you have to be grateful for, you realize that it is endless.

You’ll even come to be grateful for the unique package of you, realizing that this too is a gift. Your gratitude for YOU naturally propels you to claim and celebrate who you are, develop and express your gifts and follow your dreams.

When you let the light of who you are shine, you make a difference not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you. Expressing your gifts, dreams and desires benefits everyone – it’s the way life works. And when you do this you inspire others to do the same. Imagine the joy of fully expressing who you are and making a difference in the world by letting YOU shine through.

Gratitude is the Mother Lode.

Gratitude is the principle source and supply, of every thing that is good. It is the seed of other high energy feeling experiences like Love, Peace and Joy; of relationships that thrive; of energy and health; of true wealth that blesses and nourishes you and – like a waterfall – flows over to others.

The Universal Principles of Gratitude and Giving

When you are grateful, you attract more good into your life and you are naturally more giving. When you are more giving, your heart opens and you understand that there is no true distinction between giving and receiving.

When you give, others benefit and that which you give expands in your own life. And you experience the joy that always comes from heartfelt giving, a treasure in itself.

Don’t forget the key of receiving. When you recognize and receive the inner and outer gifts in your life with an open heart, you naturally feel grateful.

Your heart fills up and you experience what it’s like to be an endless waterfall of filling up and spilling over. You have more to give and your receiving is a gift to those who give to you. You keep life and wealth circulating and expanding.

Practice Gratitude!

The practice of gratitude is the consistent expression of gratitude. It is an investment in true wealth. Practice gratitude, giving, and receiving and watch everything that is good in your life grow before your eyes.

Here are a few practices to get you started or to spark your imagination to create your own practices:
• Keep a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, write down 5 things you are grateful for that occurred that day.
• Receive compliments. When others acknowledge you or compliment you, take a breath, look into their eyes, smile and say, “Thank you!”
• Write appreciation notes. Write one note to someone each day in which you tell them something you appreciate about them.

• Give regularly. And give that which you do not think you have enough of to give. Time and money are usually best since the majority of people don’t think they have enough of either. Whether it is five dollars or five minutes, give regularly. You’ll feel richer each time and your accounts of both will grow.
• Be mindful of the everyday gifts such as the fact you are alive, the sun that rises every morning, the water you drink, the air that you breathe…

Step into your greatness and build true wealth with gratitude! Experience the joy and freedom of filling up and spilling over – like an endless waterfall – with everything that is good!