Powerful Visualization Secrets

One of the kindest persons I’ve ever met has shared with me some of her visualization secrets to get what you want in life. I want to share them with you too:

1. If you visualize, you have to be in the picture. Example, you visualize a car, its type, model, color, etc. BUT What you should be doing is to visualize yourself riding or driving the car of your dreams.

She said before, she used to visualize a silver suv; what happens is that she sees so many silver suvs passing by, without her in it!

2. It helps if you do visualization at a specific time and do it regularly. DON’T do it just once in a while, then easily give up.

3. Don’t be shy in making a request from the universe. Don’t think you can’t ask for more if you have so many blessings already.

We are encouraged to dream big, and everything that we need is already within us.

4. You can also inject fun in doing visualizations. She says, “My seatmate sees herself jumping up and down while doing the task she is thinking of. Injecting an element of fun encourages you to do it repetitively.”

5. Think pictures. She says, “I have been affirming that ‘I am a friendly person’ but I cannot picture it out in my mind. So I have to create an image that relates to that like I am smiling and shaking hands with a person I just met.”

“Like if you say ‘I am rich’ you have to ‘materialize’ it. What does being rich mean to you? Is it seeing in the computer so many people ordering your products? Encashing checks? It should be an activity.”

6. You have to really desire, believe, and accept. You desire the thing or activity with passion, you believe that it will be yours (that this or something better will be given), and accept it. Your belief is an extremely important prerequisite to a successful visualization session.

Don’t be afraid. Acceptance is being prepared for all the attachments and responsibilities that goes with what you asked for.

7. Visualization must be done repeatedly. Initially, you may doubt that it is impossible for you to get what you ask for. But as you do it repeatedly, you tend to “hypnotize” yourself and believe what you are saying. Repetition causes you to focus on your goal.

8. You can do it with your eyes open! You don’t have to do meditations (like you need to hear gongs, go through the colors of the rainbow, or say “ommm”) first to be able to go into the alpha state. You just need to be relaxed and just have the image in your mind.