Power of The Word

It is nearly impossible to imagine our life without verbal communication. Verbal communication or putting it simpler all the words we say to each other is one of the main channels of our interaction with one another. No wonder that words turn into an impressive instrument we may use daily. The ways to use it are different and may serve different purposes. However, using this instrument we should always remember about responsibility that goes together with what we say.

If you want to be favorably perceived and accepted you should think well of how you behave and what you say. Of course, communication process is a complicated one, and your manner of speaking means not only what exactly you say, but how you say it, what your body language is, etc. In this article we try to focus, however, on the words themselves and what they mean in our interaction. An outstanding Chinese philosopher Confucius said that “Words are the voice of the heart”. Indeed, words are far from being united sounds. Words carry special sense and reflect our personality. That is why people pay attention to everything they hear in their address. So, what tips we should remember of when speaking to others? First of all, we should remember that politeness opens many doors. Never forget to use polite word forms and expressions. No matter whether you ask for a favor or do a favor. Be polite. When first meeting someone, always try to demonstrate your positive perception of that person. It does not mean that you have to lie or be false. Not at all. You have to sincerely treat anyone well, at least, until there are no reasons for the opposite treatment. There is one more crucial aspect about verbal communication. That is compliments, words which appeal to others because carry positive and agreeable meaning. Some people are called “masters of compliments”, while others’ compliments may seem artificial and insincere. Why is it so? What makes the difference? To be good at compliments requires certain traits. First of all, you have to be sincere. You should be able to pick up that trait of a person which really impresses you and which you like. It may be some facial trait, or some fact from person’s background, for example, professional. When you say compliment about something which you truly admire you compliment seems natural and no wonder that it is very much praised and well accepted. Besides, you should learn to be specific. Notice something really original and then express it. Almost all people like when something peculiar is noted, rather than general impression. One more critical moment is not overdose with compliments, because thus they become routine and turn into trivialities. And trivialities in communication rarely lead to interesting interaction.

That is why when expressing compliments to others we should always mind that compliments may become bridges for communication. However, those bridges can be easily burned down because of inaccuracy, artificiality and impoliteness.