Power Of Persuasion – Key To Moving Consciousness

The secret of the universe is the power of persuasion. Persuasion is the one key to getting what you want, becoming rich and having success in anything. Without persuasion, nothing gets done. It is about persuading yourself and others. Persuasion is about moving consciousness, and when you can move consciousness, you can move anything. All persuasion is persuading to take action whether mental or physical action. All wealthy and successful people are masters of persuasion.

You may have had certain ideas against using persuasion because you think it is manipulation. But those are limiting beliefs that you have which are stopping you from success. The use of persuasion for wrongful purposes is manipulation, but the natural use of persuasion is for direction. People want to be directed in a way that makes them eager and comfortable with taking action to benefit themselves. We all naturally want to be led into doing what’s good for us by someone who can show us the way.

Realize that perception creates reality. Persuasion is about changing the perception of people in order to change their reality. It is about helping others to see things in a different way that they didn’t see before. In order to use persuasion, you first have to persuade yourself about the use of persuasion. You have to change your perception of persuasion. When you can shift you perception and beliefs to those that are wealthy and successful, you can use the power of persuasion the way they use it.

The most powerful and influential people in the world are the persuaders. They have the power to shift people’s perception, beliefs and ideas about things. If you want to change the world, you have to change the consciousness of people. The most powerful kind of persuasion is persuasion that moves people in the direction that they already want to go. It is persuasion to show them the means of getting that which they desire. You can persuade people to do anything if they think it will satisfy them.

In all persuasion, the purpose is to persuade people that they have a certain desire, how they can satisfy that desire, and that it is worth what they give in exchange for that which will satisfy their desire. There are many places that teach persuasion, but the fundamental principles all come down to the few that represents the all. It is about getting attention and sparking interest and curiosity. Then it is about arousing desire and persuading them to take a certain action to fulfill that desire.

The key thing that all persuasion deals with is to convince others about the value of something. Something only has value according to the value that you give it. Who is to say that a particular product is worth a certain amount of money? The truth is that everything in the universe is free. All the things in life obtain their value from the perception of people. The perception of value can differ from one person to another. You can create any value in anything simply by how you cause others to perceive it.

Nothing in the universe is of any use to any being except by the consciousness that the being has towards it. All drugs an medicines would not work to heal if a person believes that they would not heal, and their consciousness is not in harmony for healing but for disease. For a person who has the consciousness and belief for healing, even a placebo would procure the effect of healing. No one can obtain satisfaction from anything unless they have the consciousness to obtain satisfaction from that thing.

It is persuasion that makes the world go round. If people are not persuaded to do anything, there would be no movement of energy. There would be no buying or selling. When resources are not being moved around, things cannot be placed into the hands of those who can put them to better use. The economy comes to a standstill when money is not flowing. When people keep what they have instead of giving it to obtain something more, it will only lead to entropy and degrading of the universe.

That is why the marketers and sales promoters are really doing society a big service. By persuading people to see value in something and to give something else whether it is time, money or resources in order to obtain it, they are promoting the exchange of energy. When energy is exchanged, that is when there can be new combinations and advanced forms of energy created for the rest of the world to benefit from. The exchange of energy is what supports evolution of humanity and the advancement of life.

Persuasion is the power that can move people to buy trash or treasure. If there are people who use very persuasive and compelling messages to influence people to buy trash, doesn’t that give you all the reason to use the same kind of powerful persuasion to influence people to buy treasure instead? You can sell them the moon, the stars and the galaxy when it comes to promoting what you have to offer, because value is created by perception, and you’re doing them a favor by leading them to yours instead.