Power Juicer Elite – The Best Of Jack Lalanne’s Juicers

When it comes time to sift through the flood of late-night infomercials, the Power Juicer Elite offered by Jack LaLanne has probably been encountered more than once.

One step up from the Power Juicer Express, this model offers a few characteristics that help you to keep up with the latest health trends.

Basic Features

How many juicer models offer a lifetime guarantee on their 3,600-RPM motor? The Power Juicer Elite motor provides superb commercial quality for all of your fruit and vegetable juicing needs.

The extraction capabilities that the juicer offers is a special patent that only Jack LaLanne could provide.

When feeding your food items into the appliance, you will delight in the extra-large, round feeder, allowing you to experiment with a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables.

When the time comes to remove the pulp from your juicing endeavors, simply remove the extra-large, detachable collector and discard.

The detachable parts of the Power Juicer Elite also allow you to complete the clean-up process in less time. These parts can also be placed in the dishwasher for rinsing and cleaning.

No one likes an appliance that makes more noise than you do. The sound of this appliance is described as providing “whisper-quiet” operation.

After your delicious beverage has been created, a non-drip spout provides easy pouring. All of this is protected under a 60-day limited warranty that allows you to have any component of the juicer repaired or replaced.

The Upgrade in LaLanne Juicers

The new technology that sets the Power Juicer Elite apart from other Jack LaLanne products is that it allows users to take advantage of the healthy boost of soy products.

This model features a grinding wheel and E-Z Loader attachment that aids in the creation of all-natural soymilk. Simply add water to soybeans and you will be receiving extra protein and fiber as well as calcium.

All of these things help to prevent cancer, ease menopause and strengthen bones as well as pump up the heart.

The E-Z Loader also makes pomegranate and cherry juices much easier to accomplish.

When following the variety of LaLanne recipe books, you will be able to achieve some of the healthiest salsas, pasta sauces, soups and vegetable breads around. Unlike previous LaLanne juicers, the Power Juicer Elite comes in a sleek, silver and black design.


Every good appliance should provide at least a few tools to enhance your juicing adventures. The LaLanne juicers offer a selection of cookbooks to get your mind flowing on all of the juicing possibilities available to you.

There are also convenient accessories to accompany your unit, including a screen cleaning brush, glass stands and juicer stands as well as deluxe-sized pitchers.