Power Inside Everyone

When we speak of strong will, we imagine a well-built man that saves the world form corruption, calamity and gives hope for a better future. At the same time we realize that this is an imaginary character to lift your mood up in the evening when you watch a movie. In real life we are not supermen and certainly do not behave ourselves like ones. We ignore common sense and follow the tiniest of our desires that may put to danger a lot of valuable things. We are not winners or conquerors; we are losers that prefer to sit quietly and from time to time to have a burst of action for which we will be responsible for the rest of our days. It is better to parasite on other ignoring the fact that your life is your responsibility. People feel safe when their faults are covered by others that have sympathy for you. The only action guided by your common sense is devolution of the burden you are supposed to carry on someone else’s shoulders.

A daily routine for an average person is like the hundred thousands of others. Getting up at the break of dawn, rushing into the tube, working hard all day and having a sleepless night is a typical way to spend time for an average megapolice citizen. Even being a college student you have worked on your papers instead of having a party with your friends. For an individual his life is a struggle between “I have to” and “I want to”. Freedom of choices is only an illusion if you have no will to deal with circumstances of the wrong choice. A complex act like changing a profession, moving to another apartment can also be dictated by a call of a heart but without common sense your action will be chaotic and incoherent. To choose correctly you have to stand an inner fight and this requires more courage and stamina than any rough sport we watch on TV. To analyze yourself you need to gather all your will and courage. Only knowledge of a value of responsibility and strict adherence to the aim will bring success. People, who are determined to reach the desired, will never stop acting even facing the most challenging difficulties.

The coin of will has two sides. From one side there is freedom and independence but form the other there is constant strain and testing of character. Strong will is a quality people should admire and bring up within their children and themselves. We have to stop associating will and desire and think more globally when making a decision. As one Greek historian said “without people that make history there would be no history at all”.