Pottery Barn Outlet – Accenting Your Home Décor

Shhhh, I want to pass along a secret. There is actually authentic pottery barn outlet merchandise selling on eBay, pottery barn outlet merchandise that can accent any part of your home. No, most of the merchandise sold is not fake, but you will have to be careful. As with any discount website there will be people that want to take advantage of un-suspecting shoppers.

Below, I want to help you to accent you bathroom with pottery barn outlet merchandise.

Revive your bathroom.

A new light fixture can do wonders with any bathroom. I would recommend a contempory style light fixture that accents your faucet. Get rid of that 70’s light fixture with the roses stenciled on the front. This is such an outdate accent and with such a little investment, some range in price from 30 dollars, you could make a world of difference in such a short amount of time.

Accent the walls with new towel holders. Pottery barn outlet has discounted towel holders that will do wonders for your wall. There is nothing worse that walking into a bathroom and seeing worn out towel holds that can’t even support the weight of a towel.

Last but not least, lets get a new coat of paint on those walls. This is a very inexpensive fix for any bathroom-decorating project. A bucket of paint could only cost around 20 to 30 dollars. That is nothing. But it means all the difference. New paint will cover up any scrapes or even dirt or minor holes that may have occurred over the years.

Stepping away from the bathroom, pottery barn outlet also has a large array for bedroom and living furniture that would bring out any decorating project. Accent the furniture with throw rugs and pillows that match the colors of either the walls or other furniture in the room

I wanted to touch on buying these products from eBay once again. Do your homework and check out every seller that has pottery outlet store merchandise. Check out there ratings. Do they ship the right product in a timely time period? Also has previous buyers enjoyed there purchases.

Ebay is a great place to buy and pottery barn outlet merchandise, just be sure to do your homework.