Poster Frames And Acrylic Poster Frames

Poster frames allow you to display large format posters, multiple advertisements, announcements of forthcoming events, instructions, rates and any other information that passersby will be interested in. This versatile medium can thus serve several purposes in addition to displaying promotional advertisements.

Poster frames not only convey your messages; they create a great impression that can help create a good impression about you. A poster stuck on the wall using glue is not only messy but creates a very different impression from one that is created by a poster mounted on an attractive poster frame placed at a strategic location in your office or establishment.

Traditionally, poster frames were made with metal or wood frames and glass poster holders. Not only were these more prone to damage and degradation but it was also difficult to create unconventional, attention-grabbing shapes. Most conformed to a standard square or oblong shape.

Today’s material, acrylic, can be formed in any desired shape. They are more attractive, are scratch resistant and less prone to damage than glass. Both the stand (if a stand is needed) and frame can be made with acrylic, making the whole a lightweight integrated device. Acrylic can be made in different colors or transparent like glass, and curved shapes can also be made without difficulty.

A uniquely shaped free-standing acrylic stand holding a poster frame at the top of its curving shape can have a far greater impact on an observer than a standard glass encased poster help up by an upright wood or metal stand.

Acrylic poster frames can also easily accommodate pockets to hold additional literature that the visitor can pick up. While the stand and poster attract the visitor, the brochure or other literature in these pockets provide move detailed information to create interest and desire.

Acrylic poster frames can be mounted on the wall, put on a table or counter top, be free standing on the floor, or even mounted on the ceiling. You have to decide which of these alternatives provide the greatest visibility and make the greatest impact. The frames can be simple ones or designer created for maximum impact.

The poster frames are typically used in cinema halls for film posters, in retail outlets for promotional advertisements, price displays or announcements, in offices for providing instructions or mall maps and in several other places to convey public messages. The material can be changed daily if necessary by sliding in new material.

Acrylic frames can be printed upon and permanent displays can be created if so desired. A prominent logo display in the reception area is one example of such an option.

An acrylic poster frame can be used to display multiple advertisements, facing the same side, or if they are not wall mounted or ceiling mounted versions, can display ads facing both sides. The options and possibilities are numerous.