Post Pregnancy Stomach

You’ve had your baby and now you have to deal with your post pregnancy stomach. If you feel like running from the sight of it in despair, not to worry, you are not the first woman to feel so, nor will you be the last woman to feel like this.

Many of us find it extremely hard to come to terms with the fact that we will never again look the way we did when we were sixteen, with a flat, if not firm stomach.

Unless we begin to do something now, we will more than likely go around with the slightly sagging pouch that is our post pregnancy stomach. This can be a truly terrifying thought. What about our jeans and our lovely skirts and things that used to fit us?

What about all those midriff baring, hip hugging clothes that filled our closets before pregnancy? What happens to all of these? Well, for one thing, you can probably throw those out the window as they will all more or less be out of fashion by the time that you regain your figure back, including your soft post pregnancy stomach.

You can get your figure back, there’s no two words about that, you just need the time, and the right weight loss plan to do this.

If all of this seems shallow to some people, it really isn’t. There is simply nothing more disheartening to a woman’s self esteem than not looking her healthy best. This doesn’t mean that you need to lose enormous amounts of weight, only that you need to get yourself to a level where you are comfortable with your body.

If you are comfortable with the womanly swell that is your post pregnancy stomach, then think no more about it. Be proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to let people know that you are proud of yourself. All that really matters is not what your post pregnancy stomach looks like, or what other people think you like, but what you think of yourself, and whether you are comfortable with it.

Most of us today though, would probably prefer to be somewhere in the weight range that we were before we became pregnant, and this is also fine, as long as this is what you truly want, and not what you perceive other people to expect from you.

You need to decide whether you want to keep your post pregnancy stomach, or whether you want washboard abs to go with those hip hugging jeans you love so much. It’s really as simple as that.