Portland Apartment Hunting

Tips for Selecting the Right Portland Apartment Rental

The Portland apartment rental is little difficult to find out. Reports and surveys show that less than half of Maine’s residents that rent can sustain the high prices. Only about one-third of the residents of Portland rent some type of apartment or house. It is generally accepted that if you pay more than 30% of your income towards rent, it is deemed as unfordable, as you would have difficulty in buying food and other requirements.

Portland Apartment Rental – Costs
The average monthly rental in Portland for a one-bedroom apartment is $653 and for a two-bedroom apartment it is $ 859. As such, the residents of Portland have to earn more than $12.55 an hour for being able to afford a one-bedroom apartment and $16.52 an hour for a two-bedroom apartment, based on a 40-hour working week. However if they live in Cumberland County which is a non-metro area, they would only be needing $10.13 per hour for a one-bedroom and $13.50 for a two-bedroom apartment. This essentially implies that people have to stay on the outskirts and then keep commuting to the city in order to afford the rent.

In the southern York County and in the northeastern New Hampshire areas, it is even more difficult to afford accommodation as the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $930 and for that you would have to earn $17.88 per hour.

Portland Apartment Rental – Types of Apartments
Portland apartments rental options are usually of two types: private rental properties are normally chosen by expatriates and rental agencies who are involved in the rental procedure that requires fast taking over. On the other hand public rental properties are erected by the state and they subsidize it due to which you have to wait for a long time to get such a property.

Portland Apartment Rental-Facilities
Before renting an apartment in Portland, it is necessary to check the facilities that are being offered and whether the same satisfy your requirements. Areas to look into are parking facilities, washing arrangements, the neighborhood scenario and whether pets can be kept with you.

Moreover certain practical measure must be checked and taken before a Portland apartment is rented. These include the tenancy documents, condition of the apartment, security deposit, the right to use, other expenses that might be incurred, insurance and maintenance costs, and notice period regarding on moving out.

The price of a rental apartment in Portland also depends on whether or not it is furnished. Heating costs in Maine can be rather expensive, so try to find an apartment with a wood burning stove to save heating costs.

While renting a Portland apartment, utmost care must be taken regarding the stipulations of the tenancy agreement and you must ensure that there are no diversions from the rent act. The rules regarding subletting and renting a room must also be followed completely.

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