Portable Space Heaters – Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Compared to central heating, space heaters are energy-efficient: It is a known fact that less energy is consumed for warming a small space than a bigger one. The same principle works in case of space heating systems too. They are found to be functional in heating up small spaces quickly and efficiently by consuming less amounts of energy than central heating systems. And if yours is a portable space heater, then it can be moved from one area to another wherever heating is needed, avoiding unnecessary heating.

Heat only the occupied space: One of the best ways to cut down costs on heating is to heat only those rooms that we are actually using. If there are few people in your home or office, central heating systems are not beneficial as they heat the entire space irrespective of where the people are. Hence, by using portable space heaters one can heat up the required space only. Moreover, it will not take much time or fuel to heat a small space. This way one can effectively reduce heating expenses by avoiding the wastage of heat and electricity.

Types of portable heaters: Depending on the way by which portable heaters transfer the heat, they are broadly divided in to two types – convection and the radiation heaters. Let us know about them in detail.

Convection heaters: In convection heaters, heat transfer takes place due to convection. The heating elements present in these systems either warm up the air directly or heat oil or another filler, which in turn transfers heat to the air. The hot air produced in the heater is then forced out using a fan. In this type of heating, the air in the room is warmed first. Then the warmth is passed on to the people and the other objects in the room. In general, convection heaters are more suitable for providing constant, diffused heat in well insulated rooms.

Radiant heaters: Radiant heaters, also called as spot heaters, warm the objects they are pointed towards. Radiant heaters provide more concentrated heating than convection heaters. Unlike convection heaters, these heaters produce radiation which can be absorbed directly by clothing and the skin. Hence, instead of heating the air these heaters directly warm up the people or the objects. This makes these heaters suitable warming options even in poorly insulated rooms or outdoors. Moreover, some radiant heaters today are coming with an inbuilt fan to dispel any heat generated inside the unit.

Though portable heaters use different types of fuels including natural gas, propane and kerosene, electric heaters are common. Unlike natural gas heaters, electric heaters neither raise the level of carbon monoxide in the rooms nor do they release any fumes. Among the electric space heaters, infrared heaters (radiant heaters) are considered as the most effective and convenient form of space heaters.

Electric portable space heaters are safe as well as easy to use appliances for beating the winter cold.