Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Make Money Buying and Selling Porcelain Collectible Dolls

Who knew that the toys we buy can be profitable? Perhaps only the manufacturers but if you are able to find a good supplier and a list of buyers, you can make money buying and selling porcelain collectible dolls.

Porcelain dolls are not the different from Barbie because they come in different colors, outfits and sizes. What makes this stand out is perhaps the material since it is made from porcelain that is in essence clay and not plastic. This makes porcelain collectible dolls not really something you can play with even if you can change the clothes from time to time.

But how are porcelain collectible dolls made? Well, in Europe the materials for the arms, body, head and legs are baked then painted. Once this process is complete, this is then sewn together , dressed up and then placed in a box.

Since this is prone to dirt and dust unless there is something covering it, porcelain collectible doll owners have to regularly clean it to keep it in good condition.

Where can you find porcelain collectible dolls? Well, some say that the best are made from Europe like France and Germany. Since it is very expensive to fly there, you will probably have to search for these items online, select what you want and then have this shipped to you.

Before you buy anything, you should do a background check on the seller so you know this person will be able to deliver what you paid for.

What is the average price of porcelain collectible dolls? Believe it or not, you can find a few that sell for $10. If it is really of good quality, you may have to spend something from $500 to $1,000.

The most sought after porcelain collectible dolls are those from the Victorian era simply because they don’t make it the way they used to but there are makers who make similar copies which look very authentic.

If you want to know if what you have is real or a copy, look at the marks on the back of the neck. Just like an artist who puts his signature on the canvass, you will find here who, when and where it was made. So, if you happen to get a porcelain collectible doll at a reasonable price, consider that a good bargain.

What should you look for in a porcelain collectible doll? If you plan to sell it later on, consider the condition and the quality. The skin especially on the face must be life like. The eyes should be firmly in their sockets and if you happen to see a doll that opens its mouth, check if all the teeth are complete. If there are some teeth missing, shake it because they are probably still in there that can be restored by bringing it to a doll hospital. But closed mouth dolls happen to be two times more valuable than open ones.

As much as possible, only buy porcelain collectible dolls that still have their original clothing and wigs. If this has been altered or you plan to make alterations, you better check if this will do any damage or not because this will either increase or decrease its value.

Porcelain collectible dolls are works of art and you have to see one to really appreciate it. Are they worth buying? In the long term yes because as long as it is in good condition, you can get a return on your investment.

Source: https://positivearticles.com