Popular forex scalping strategies

Forex scalping involves opening and closing a trade within seconds or the most, a few minutes. Forex scalping is increasingly becoming more popular because of the opportunity to book fast profits within a matter of minutes. Thought forex trading using scalping strategies results in smaller profits and comes with its own share of risks, if done correctly the profits can add up tremendously over a period of time. Adhering to the fast exit strategy is the key to making small gains compound into larger profits.

Forex scalping can be profitable for traders who use it as a primary strategy and also for those who use it as a supplementary one. However to gain profits from forex scalping, it is important that this kind of strategy should also match the trader’s own personal style of trading.

Although forex currency trading using scalping strategies is entirely legal, the only reason it is frowned upon and discouraged by brokers is the fear of going out of business because of the success of forex scalping. This only endorses the fact that there is indeed huge money to be made in fx trading especially if it is done using scalping strategies.

While forex trading is usually done manually, powerful trading platforms such as the MT4 and technology advancements have given rise to a different kind of forex scalper- the automated scalper. Also called system traders, these forex scalpers create partially or fully automated forex robots that are of great help towards increasing available trading opportunities as well as improving the efficiency of execution.

Some of the reasons why forex currency trading is so popular include:

• Ease of trading at the forex trader’s convenience: Forex trading in done 24/7 around the world, which allows traders to buy and sell when the price is right. The booked profits do not depend on market closing times. Also, many fx trading platforms provide real time news, chart and quotes free of charge, boosting forex trading ease and efficiency.
• Inexpensive cost of trading: Many forex currency trading companies do not charge traders any commissions, but get their compensation from the pip spread.
• Limited capital loss risk: Forex trading does not include any margin calls for the trader to worry about.

Different forex scalpers practice different strategies with varying degrees of success. Here are a few scalping systems that have proven to be successful in fx trading:

• Look for news that is going to be released and which has the potential to influence the forex market. Try and ascertain which pair of currencies is likely to be affected. Buying a few minutes before the news is released and selling soon afterwards is sure to gain you a small profit.
• Constantly monitoring the price movements of various currencies is important, but keep in mind trading sessions of the major markets, which include London, Tokyo, New York and Sydney. Recognizing the highly active sessions as well as the sleeping sessions can help forex scalpers gain profits from good price moves.