Popular Brands of 88 Key Synthesizers

88 key synthesizers are made for professional music players. As the name suggests it contains 88 keys. There are several popular brands of 88 key synthesizers. Here’s providing a list of few below.

– Korg: Korg is a very reputed name in the world of musical instruments. Mr. Tsutomu Katoh founded the company in the year 1963. They first produced The Disc Rotary Auto Electric Machine (Doncamatic DA-20). After this, Korg went on creating different instruments. Today they are one of the leading synthesizer makers. Some of their very popular synthesizers are, POLY-800 Synthesizer (world’s first polyphonic synthesizer that costs below $1000), M1 Music Workstation etc.

The Korg TR88 88 key Weighted synth workstation is one of the very popular brands of 88 key synthesizers. It has got a 64MB ROM, packed up with various new sounds. This hi fi gizmo also contains USB MIDI capabilities and portable SD card data storage. It has also got a brilliant sound engine.

– Yamaha: Another big name in the instrument scenario, Mr. Torakusu Yamaha founded the company in 1887.previously the company was named as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited. The name was changed to The Yamaha Corporation in October 1987, on the eve of their 100th anniversary. Some popular products in 88 key synthesizer of Yamaha are Yamaha Motif XS8 88 Key Workstation, Yamaha MO8 Production Synthesizer etc.

Yamaha SO8 88 Key Programmable Synthesizer is a full size synthesizer. Its sound is very realistic. It has got a compilation of the best 700 voices of Yamaha. This model contains a complete XG and General MIDI Level 2 voice.

Yamaha Motif XS8 88 Key Workstation is another model of 88 key synthesizers. It has got brilliant sound quality, a huge recording facility, mixing controls, which are of studio level and scope of effect processing.

Roland: Roland is a Japanese manufacturer of instruments. Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi founded this company on 18th April 1972. The company was at first located in Osaka. Then in 2005 it was relocated in Hamamatsu in Shizuoka Prefecture. Roland has a varied range of synthesizers. Roland SH3A, Roland SH1000. All these are popular models of Roland.

The Roland Fantom X8 88 Key Sampling Workstation has nearly 1G.B of wave memory and 128-voice polyphone, which is very powerful.

– Alesis: This is another brand among the popular brands of 88 key synthesizers. This brand makes instruments especially for live and studio performances. Mainly professional and semi professional players use this brand. It is not suitable for beginners. The products of this brand are not that much expensive. They have made some brilliant gadgets too. Nano synth, Nano Bass, Nano Piano, AndromedaA6 etc are some of them.

The Alesis FUSION 8HD 88Key Weighted Keyboard has got four synthesizers. It also has RAM facility that can be expanded, effect processor and many other things. The pack looks fabulous.

So, these are the popular brands of 88 Key Synthesizers. There are many other brands that provide 88 key synthesizers. But these are considered to be the best in the business.