Pocket Pc Tutorial on How to Stream Internet Radio

Is it all possible? With the Pocket PC, yes it is. You just have to follow these simple rules then you’re all set to listen to your favorite tunes with your internet radio. This time, you have to push your PDA limits to the test and hopefully, the limit will produce a very impressive result.

Of course you already have your MP3 playing on your desktop that is downloaded to your PDA. Now, it’s a challenge on how to stream an internet radio right on the palm of your hands and inside the device. What you need is a software that’ll make it all possible. So here it is the tips and a quick tutorial on how to stream internet radio.

Wait, hold on. Before that, we’ll define what radio streaming means. Radio streaming means that a radio station is played via a web server. The music is streamed by companies, individuals and radio stations.

Clear? Down to business.

You would need to assemble a couple of things like: your Pocket PC, GSplayer (a freeware that you can find in the “elsewhere on the web” area where links are being routed to the developer’s homepage), and wireless internet connection.

Including Shoutcast and Ogg Vorbis playlists, GSplayer is the kind of player that is easy to manipulate and uses minimal resources but has massive options. There is just one downside in all of thislack of documentation, the more reason why you want to reconfigure your player according to your options. The following discussion will focus more on setting up your GSplayer to choose to play Shoutcast stations.

Download the GSplayer first. The direct download will get you versions for all Windows and PPCs. While the other download lets you choose the program that’ll process your PPC. Unzip the downloaded files in your desktop. There are about two to three files in the unzipped file. Copy and paste the entire file in you Pocket PC. To make it look more organized, put it inside a personalized folder.


1. On your GSplayer, you’ll see the “Tool” button. Click it.

2. Upon clicking the “Tool”, an array of different words will be displayed. There will be effects, playlist, volume up, volume down, display off and options. Select the “Options” bar.

3. A preference page will appear and give you a list of different choices. Under “Preferences”, you can choose to mark everything or leave “add list to existing files” empty. After which click on “Resume” and “Load Previous Playlist” You can also select other areas if you like.

4. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find “Associations”, choose it then select every option.

5. It’s time to find some favorite tunes! Upon entering the Shoutcast email address, put

a check on the “Open file after download” then click “Change”

6. From your PDA’s Internet Explorer, approach the homepage of Shoutcast. You can select top stations or better yet, find for your favorite music type. The moment you have found the station, choose the “Tune In” icon.

7. Then you can name the station that you have chosen base on your preference.

8. Once you have heard it playing, your task is done.

There you have it. Now you can start grooving and moving to your favorite station and music. You can also choose to drop and drag your files to your personal computer. In cases of Pocket PC troubles, try to check the firewall settings.

Source: https://positivearticles.com