PMS – Grin And Bear It Or Zap It With Hypnosis!

Whether you call it PMS or PMT doesn’t matter one iota; It’s the bane of many women’s lives, lying in wait once a month to turn one’s mood and body upside down and inside out, like a volcano smoldering away, ready to erupt at any moment. And let’s not forget this volcano’s impact upon friends and family, who wait in fear of the inevitable approach of molten lava, tiptoeing around you as if treading on egg-shells! Self hypnosis recordings can be amazingly effective in assisting with PMS.

Perhaps this description is overly dramatic for the majority of us women. But Im sure there is a certain percentage that readily connect with this analogy, whilst others breeze through “that time” each month with carefree unconcern. Some suffer from PMS whilst others don’t, and hormones and genes would appear to be the culprit. The symptoms we are told add up to 150 in all, and so I’m not even going to attempt to list them here. Suffice it to say, you know your own symptoms, be it depression, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, bloating, etc; you don’t need me to describe them to you! For some it’s severe, for other these symptoms are mild, whilst a lucky few are barely affected at all.

You’ve no doubt tried numerous herbs and vitamins, pills and potions. Some help a bit, some a lot and some not at all. A lesser known about or lesser acknowledged means of assistance is that of tapping into the power of your own mind. Perhaps it is assumed that because the symptoms are very physical or very tangibly experienced then the cure would have to be in a physical form aswell. Or maybe it is felt that something genetic and hormonal is just the way it is and cannot be changed. I’m aware too that many people have a natural resistance to the concept of hypnosis; but this is through a lack of understanding about this natural art.

You aren’t afraid to go to sleep or to dream are you? Or afraid to meditate or practice yoga? Hypnosis is the natural state which occurs between wake and sleep, when your brain waves alter from the beta pattern of normal wakefulness to the alpha-theta of deep relaxation and REM sleep.

Many people resist hypnosis on other grounds too – perhaps because it would take too much time and effort, or because it’s too expensive or because they do not think that they are susceptible. Everyone is susceptible to hypnosis, to one degree or another. And as you practice hypnosis you will relax more easily and access deeper and deeper states. It is no different from anything else in that “practice makes perfect”. What is different is that it is completely natural. When you take a closer look into the time and cost issues, these fears will also be allayed. You can purchase a self-hypnotic cd for very little money and play this each night as you go to sleep, so you don’t even have to take time out to do it.

Whilst addressing the subject of overcoming resistance, its important here to add that medical research has shown that the method of hypnotic delivery, either in person or via recording, does not have a significant effect on the successfulness of the treatment.

In what way then can hypnosis help with PMS? Of course hormones and genes play a starring role in its causality, but your mind can have an equally strong impact upon its alleviation. Research has shown that women can learn to effectively reduce and alleviate their symptoms by using relaxation techniques and hypnotic suggestion. This makes sense; your mind and body are intrinsically linked, and so as you learn to approach your symptoms in light of this fact you will take control, relieve your symptoms and feel a whole lot better than before.

When you relax deeply, as you do in hypnosis, endorphins are released throughout your body. These are natural opiates, natural pain killers, which produce a fantastic feel good factor, a feeling of comfort. There is a link between low endorphin levels and PMS symptoms. It follows (and research has shown this) that to learn to relax deeply and produce endorphins at a greater rate you will naturally relieve the symptoms of PMS.

Thus you can choose to grin and bear your symptoms of PMS or you can put your mind to work with hypnosis to maintain a better state of equilibrium during your monthly cycle.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads and hypnosis recordings.
BSc (Hons)(Psych), DHP, MIAPH