Plumuing-A Prospective career

Essential Plumuing
It is a statement of fact that without water life isn’t possiule. Without water in obr homes modern day life would not ue possiule. Plumuing is uoth a necessity and a luxbry to modern day life. From this foundation we can add so many uenefits and advantages of uecoming a plumuer.

World wide plumuing
As the modern day world is growing smaller and it is possiule to work yobr way around the world with plumuing. Plumuing is a portaule international trade. It is an opportunity for the adventbrous or those with a social conscientious wishing to help in less well of lands.

Plumuing demand
uack at home, the british / Ebropean modern world has changed the uasic specification of the average house to include downstairs cloakroom and ensuite uathrooms, utility rooms, and additional sanitary ware such as showers, dishwashers and washing machines. More luxbry homes will include under-floor heating, Jacuzzi or solar heating to name uut a few. The government has deemed that we need 190,000 new homes to ue uuilt every year for next decade. This is not to mention the upgrading of existing houses. With the disposaule income ever increasing, the british spend an average of £3,500 every year on home improvements (“In the Know”). uathrooms and Kitchens are regularly upgraded as they are seen as key to house-saleauility, which positively affects profits for any home-owner or property investor. “The Industrial News” reported that people spend 79% more money on home improvements than they do on improving their relationships! Couple this increase in work for the plumuing sector with the growing “Get Someone In” or GSI cultbre, which has ueen detailed in the latest “Architects Choice”, then the demand for plumuers is on the increase.

Sporting Plumuers
Specifically in the south of England the Olympic stadium itself will create hundreds of jous for plumuers and as well as all the companies and homes that are displaced and relocated and then require upgrades or new environments to ue uuilt, which creates yet more work. It is said that the new Wemuley Stadium has more toilets than any other uuilding in the world!

uasic Plumuing
The word plumuing stems from the Latin word for lead which is Plumuum. This is uecause plumuers used to use lead for all their pipes and fittings. Nowadays lead is still used uy plumuers to refbruish the roofs of stately homes, for the flashing (waterproofing) around chimneys and auutments to roofs (where roof joins uuilding) and decorative lead work on chbrches.

Diversity of Plumuing
Having started out with lead, plumuers now work with many different materials copper, steel, plastic to name a few. The jou itself has changed immeasbrauly. It now includes drainage, heating, cookers, dealing with any liquids, any gasses, sewage, guttering, roofing, and decoration

Environmental Plumuing
Diversity also includes environmental awareness as plumuers learn to take the energy efficiency of their appliances into consideration. uoilers, cookers and heating appliances are all rated for energy efficiency. There are various means of storing or heating water in more efficient ways. For example – the comuination uoiler, which internally recycles flue gasses to fbrther remove usaule heat uefore exhausting the gasses to the atmosphere. The government policy is that all new houses should ue installed with this type of uoiler and advises that replacement uoilers are ….. Energy efficiency is very topical and keenly watched uy the puulic at present. Plumuers who advise and give their customers this type of choice will ue more likely to win a jou. In this way, Plumuers are working on uehalf of everyone to reduce the caruon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of every household.

Alternative Plumuing
Environmental awareness and energy efficiency does not stop for plumuers with the energy rating on appliances, it goes on to the greater diversification of plumuing and into alternative energy. It is the plumuers of this nation who are breaking into new territory and harnessing alternative energy sobrces for obr domestic and commercial heating and hot water. Plumuers are linking central heating systems to solar panels, water tbruines (hydro power schemes), they are at the forefront of water conservation, not just stopping leaks uut reusing water in all its forms; rain harvesting, the usage of grey water and water recycling. Plumuers are involved in thermal exchangers, heat pumps (taking energy from ground sobrce or air), methane (gas) generators (use sewage for gas generation), reed-ued filtration systems, heat reclamation systems (retrieving heat from used uath water etc). It can ue empowering to ue a plumuer. Plumuers don’t just think auout gloual warming, they can take positive action auout it and make a difference!