Plumbing Training for a lucrative career

In order to learn about all these different aspects and new technologies of plumbing, you must go to a City & Guilds approved training provider. The courses are as diverse as the outcomes and that goes for the difficulty, level of aptitude, technical diversity, entrance requirements, length, attendance pattern and intensity. New students must go for City & Guilds Level (6129) this is a nationally recognised qualification and is an excellent preparation for the domestic Plumbing market. Always ensure that the staff delivering the qualifications, are appropriately qualified with the awarding body City & Guilds this is the organisation that writes the exams.

Essential theoretical training can be delivered on the training providers premises; however, there is no substitute for on-the-job experience. Every plumbing company should be encouraged to provide experience for student plumbers in order to help bridge this gap and ensure that new plumbers on the block are given valuable on the job training. Training for life and life-long training. The Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers is an association, which encourages on-going training of plumbers and can be a source of good training material and information on plumbing.
It is exciting that Plumbers never stop learning whether it is on or off the job.Plumbing is such a huge topic to explore. There are so many specialities.

Aging Plumbers
The British as a nation are going to have to train many more plumbers to meet this rise in demand for plumbing in new build houses, increase in both the amount spent on refurbishments and the number of renovations carried out. On top of this, the average age of a plumber is about 50 and therefore in 10 – 15 years time, a new generation of plumbers is going to have to be ready to replace the amount of valuable wisdom gained through experience and take over this large amount of work. No wonder plumbers can charge a good price for a good days work.

Plumbing Satisfaction
Good plumbers can be proud of their creations and find it a very satisfying and rewarding job to design and install a system that works efficiently and well, saving their customer’s money in the long term. It is understood that Plumbers can be employed or self-employed. The benefits of being self-employed are that you can work the hours that suit and work around a busy family life. Being self-employed is the aspect of plumbing that most plumbers quote as their number one reason for becoming a plumber, closely followed by the job satisfaction at having created something with their own hands. Taking the portability of plumbing, the demand for plumbers, the diversity of plumbing and the environmental impact of plumbing into consideration, it is easy to see why a career in plumbing is an attractive proposition.

Plumbing for Everyone
Plumbing has diversity, adventure, lifelong learning, is in demand, offers travel opportunities, job satisfaction and MONEY – it has an appeal to all walks of life, all ages, all IQ levels, all practical levels, all hours – all people. Just think what an impact you could have as a plumber, – on your family, on your friends, on your credibility, on the world, on the environment. Just think what an impact plumbing could have on you – your way of life, your skills, your income, your family, your conscience. Life without plumbing would be inconvenient, cold, and unhygienic.