Playing Golf In The Zone – Part 1

Everyone thinks of Tiger when playing golf “in the zone” comes up for discussion. But everyone has experienced a few holes, if not a round of golf, where they could relate to this feeling. It is as if you cannot put a foot wrong, everything just seems to come together perfectly.

If anyone wanted to know what it feels like to play golf “in the zone” on the last day of a tournament David Duval would be able to describe it. When he shot 59 in the last round of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic a few years back, every commentator found themselves making comments about Duval’s “mesmerizing performance” and his “absolute focus” and lack of emotion, throughout the day.

When you play golf in the zone, the background chatter of your mind quietens and complete focus is given to the task at hand, one shot at a time throughout the round, whilst at the same time believing that you can do it. This altered state of awareness was clear to see by anyone who watched Duval during that round at La Quinta. It was a truly mesmerizing performance.

I always listen to the commentary with great interest, paying attention to the actual words used. Take the description “mesmerizing performance”. The verb “to mesmerize” derives from Anton Mesmer, whose ideas were the forerunner to the development of hypnosis. And this is what the zone state is – hypnosis.

Duval’s iron play was so accurate that he was nearly always attempting a relatively short putt. He appeared to be expressionless as he played, always wearing wraparound sunglasses, totally focused on the ball and the pin. His focus and belief didn’t waver all day, and he just kept on hitting one after another perfect shot. The key in this situation is to allow that to buoy you up as opposed to allowing other thoughts to creep in…like “it must stop soon”, or “when’s it going to end?” He didn’t allow these thoughts to enter his mind. He was in a state of tunnel vision and focused awareness, and this state, whether you call it hypnosis or being in the zone, acts like a set of blinkers, shutting out any other thoughts.

It was only at the very end, after he’d sunk that eagle putt, that Duval’s state changed and he showed some emotion. Until then he played like a robot. He really was golfing in the zone.

Other commentators on the Duval 59 made descriptions such as “locked in on the ball”. This was a great description – he truly was locked in on the ball, his focus was clear and absolute. When you are playing golf in the zone you actually have a greater sense of awareness than otherwise, but this awareness is very selective. This heightened focus and awareness, this increased clarity, is directed upon the task in hand. Everything else just fades into the background.

A lot of people are scared of hypnosis, but this is because they do not understand what it actually is. Hypnosis could be described as a state of relaxation, at one with a state of heightened awareness, induced by suggestion. When you are playing golf in the zone you are superbly aware, you have a heightened sense of everything that is important, whilst at the same time remaining nicely calm and relaxed. And this was clearly what Duval experienced during that final, 13 under, round. He didn’t show any emotion during the round, didn’t pump his fist or do anything except move calmly on to his next shot, until after he had sunk his eagle putt to win on the 18th. He didn’t allow anything to break his focus.

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Roseanna Leaton, specialist in golf hypnosis cds and hypnosis mp3 downloads.