Playing Frisbee with my Dog

Personal Story About Playing Frisbee with the Dog

My dog and I are the best of friends. I have had him for seven years and during that time he has been through a lot with me. He was there when I graduated college and was there when I broke up with my girlfriend of four years. He has been there for walks in the park and for jogs in the evening after work.

One of our favorite weekend activities involves hanging out in the sunshine and fresh air at the park. We love to just go and job around the track, maybe take a book and lay on a blanket to read. We even like to just watch the ducks and people pass. He does more playing with the ducks and I do more watching, to be honest.

We recently also started to play with the Frisbee. At first I got the idea to train my dog to retrieve a Frisbee from a dog food commercial on TV. The dog jumps high into the air after the Frisbee and comes back down with a huge grin on his face. Since I do love to throw the Frisbee and my dog loves to run, I figured that there was no better solution for the both of us then to pick up the sport.

At first, my dog was not quick to understand what was happening when I threw the Frisbee to the other side of the park. For some reason I never picked up on the fact that animals have to be trained and conditioned to understand and play games. We had never even done the stick-throwing thing, so the Frisbee totally threw him off.

I began to train him to enjoy the sport of Frisbee by letting him smell the Frisbee, I would toss it across the yard and then go get it with him. When we picked up the Frisbee, I would give him treats to let him know that he had done a good job. In no time, he was Frisbee chasing independently.

I noticed that as soon as I started playing Frisbee with my dog, more and more people in the park started to do the same. We developed a sort of network and friendship of people who would take their dogs to the park to toss the Frisbee. After awhile, we even started exchanging phone numbers and putting it on our schedule to come to the park for Frisbee.