Playing Fields

During an International Coach Federation Conference, I participated in a group that explored the concept of ‘enlarging the size of our mental playing field’ in life to get the results that we want. This concept has intrigued me ever since that cold day in December, 2000.

Coaches frequently help clients to identify playing fields where the client holds himself back, keeping himself ‘small’. As coaches, we also celebrate the many areas in which our clients hold themselves as ‘big’ or ‘huge,’ thus opening doors for their careers, families or relationships, and creating an endless number of opportunities for themselves.

I do have to admit that new clients typically are not thrilled when I point out how ‘big’ they are being, thinking that I am commenting on their physique. I think it’s a better idea to think of ‘a playing field’ concept rather than to think of one’s self as ‘big’ or ‘small’.’

Many of us navigate through life in a small, miniscule field and we don’t even know it. Our minds are trapped in a playing field the size of Rhode Island while our expectations exceed the size of Texas. How remarkably unsatisfying!

We can easily expand our personal playing field? There are two options to implement change here: focus on what is really possible, or, lower our level of frustration by reducing expecttions.

What keeps our playing field small? Small thinking–basing our important daily thoughts, beliefs and decisions on assumptions, judgments, fears, doubts, inaccurate or incomplete information or habitual negativity.

I hear a lot of self-limiting stories caused by thinking small when clients come to their weekly sessions. When I ask them what data they base their experience upon, their response typically lies in one of the above categories.

If we can alter the concepts we hold as true in our personal SOP – Standard Operating Procedures – think what we can create for ourselves.’ Why not begin this week to see how much larger you can make your playing field by eliminating one of these categories?

Tackling all the categories at once will make you crazy, so just select one. You can just play with the one that resonates with you. It does not have to be difficult.

Enjoy your new, expanded personal playing field!! Have a great week!!