Planning Your Wedding Day Along With Your Dress Rehearsal

Before you know it your “Wedding Day” will arrive. Plans, plans, plan. One last thing for you to plan is your wedding rehearsal dinner. Your wedding rehearsal dinner can make or break the whole momentum of that glorious day “Your Day in the Sun”. Your Wedding day.

The wedding rehearsal dinner has always been an important but overlooked detail of the whole wedding day and of the whole event. You will have guests who have traveled far and wide to attend your wedding. Make sure that the day goes well.

It is generally held that the groom’s parents pay for the event – not necessarily so in 2007 or 2008. With the year 2008 coming up, modern brides usually find it fitting, best and proper to come up with their own individual game plan, though planning a rehearsal dinner can at times be a stressful process, and it does not have to be.
The outcome of this pre-nup gathering of course is to get you all hyped and make sure that you and your man and the bridal party are ceremony ready.

Remember well the following when planning and of the follow through of the event. First do a dry run of the actual wedding ceremony. . Most officiates request a practice run of the ceremony service Thus people can be prepared, know what mistakes to watch out for. Now the attendants of your wedding can be more than comfortable with their roles. Consider this a major blessing in disguise. The potential mistakes can happen here – not during the real event so to say. This is the time and the moments as well when you get to practice your walk up the aisle, your vows, and get the lowdown on who walks when, where and with whom.

Next up is the wedding rehearsal dinner. This time can be used to simply way to thank those who have been more than helpful to you and as well those who have graciously assisted you with your wedding preparation and preparations. You can so with a simple speech or toast. Or you can choose to simply to keep it casual and informal. It’s your choice ands your wedding day. However you prefer to do this.

The wedding rehearsal dinner is also the perfect time to give gifts to the bridal party and your family. There is no set rule on this matter of bridal party gift giving. It is also an extraordinary touch to specifically tailor each gift to the individual. After all these are the people who have helped you out – it is more than worth the effort to thank each of them specifically in a manner that means the most to both them and you. Gift giving can be something. It is a misconception that gift giving is a matter of dollars and cents – sort of like pricing out a caterer or a florist for your wedding. It need not be. A carefully chosen gift – that is relatively inexpensive will go miles further than a more costly gift that is not well chosen. The key to the exercise of choosing gifts that will be personally appreciated by the receiver is to pay attention to their personal interests and choose a gift that matches with that or something that the person can use on a regular basis. For example standard gifts of cufflinks may be run of the mill and standard but how often will your nephew use them or even take them out of its case. In that case your nephew would sure appreciate a new computer mouse or webcam- which could well be picked up on sale at your local big box store while you are shopping for other wedding supplies. Similarly a nice bouquet of flowers may be pretty but short-lived whereas a cookbook for a bridesmaid whose hobby and passion is cooking will be a prize to that person.

All in all plan well ahead in time for this event – your wedding rehearsal dinner as well as the planning for the rest of the wedding day. Remember what can go wrong may well go wrong. It never hurts to plan ahead and prepare. Plan ahead, but check, check and recheck your lists. You may be amazed and impressed with how some people seem to do everything on the fly at the last moment. Believe me this is no fun – no matter how easy it looks. It is your day – your wedding day. Make your wedding day stress free. The less trouble you have on your wedding day the more both yourself and your guests will both enjoy yourselves and have fond memories of “That Day”.