Planning Your Success

Daily Goals

The most important thing a person can do to be a success is to keep a plan of how they are going to achieve it. This plan must start where you are now and show you points of reference along the way to where you want to be. Setting short and long term goals are one of the most important steps for anyone that wants to achieve success.

You want to make sure you have a daily plan, monthly plan, and yearly plan. Each day’s goals are the steps that need to be taken to reach the monthly goal and each monthly goal reached brings you closer to completing your yearly success plan. Each checkpoint of success makes sure that you are on track to reaching your overall goal.

Your Daily Plan

You can have the greatest intentions of achieving something but unless you have a plan of reaching that destination you will never arrive. Work backward from your yearly to monthly goals and make sure that each daily goal in your plan takes you one step closer to the big one.

Write down every check stop that you can foresee on your path to success and check off a piece of the puzzle every day. Look at what needs to be accomplished every day so that over time the pennies turn into dollars. It is an old saying but true none the less.

Record Everything For Reference

If you do not know what you have done, you do not know what still needs to be done. Make sure you keep track of everything. This way when success shows itself, you can look back and replicate the actions that brought about this turn of events. That which is not recorded cannot be replicated. Also those things or actions taken that are not recorded cannot be changed if your goals were not met.

Part of reaching your goals is consistently looking at your plan and seeing if the things you have been doing are working towards your ultimate goal. If not, things need to be adjusted. The better the records, the quicker and more efficient the adjustments.

Referrals For Success

Referrals are gifts from heaven. No matter what the referral, you are always saving time by using the experience and time of someone else.

Referrals can be useful resources like accountants or real estate brokers. Referrals can also be sales that you did not spend advertising dollars on. Either way, referrals should be part of your plan for success. They are the ultimate short cut if such a thing does exist.

Try to shoot for a short cut in your plan to success by getting 5-10 referrals of some sort every day. The action of getting these referrals is sometimes a better payoff then the actually referral you receive. By talking to people you are building social connections and no-one has ever achieved rapid success through the lone ranger approach.

Planting Seeds To Succeed

Anytime you need to achieve a desired outcome, a warm prospect in the given area will give you the best chance of success. Look for a social connection from your referral list or someone on your inner circle to get a thing done or agreed to. A warm prospect beats a cold call any day of the week. This works from the top levels of rubbing shoulders all the way down to a prospective sale versus a cold call telemarketing approach. Plant seeds of success that can be harvested later.

If you approach a prospective client today, this will be a warm prospect at a later date. There is no better feeling than knowing that you will be warmly received by someone you know that wants what you are offering. Know what makes your prospect tick and your job of getting the desired outcome is all but done. Make suggestions and propositions for you business based on the wants and desires of the prospect you need something from.

If you do not know how to approach your prospect by using their wants and desires, they will never be as anxious to agree, as when you offer the right things.