Planning Your Perfect Wedding With Confidence

A perfect wedding is not always an easy thing to plan. Inevitably you try to please more people than yourselves, but the real heart of a wedding is all about the vows which you wish to make to one another and how you want to make them. It’s your day and you are entitled to enforce your wishes upon this event. Everyone else should respect this right.

You want to remember your wedding easily and with deep emotion, for the right reasons, not for the wrong ones. You want to remember it as being perfect, special and as you wanted it to be. If you do not fight to have your dream wedding, then how much will you fight over other circumstances which will pop up during the course of your married life?

There is always going to be an aspect of compromise, because there are two of you who are making this union, and the way in which you work together to decide upon your wedding ceremony will probably be indicative of the manner in which you resolve issues and plan for future eventualities. The way in which you plan your wedding ceremony is indicative of your relationship in planning for other happenings in the future.

Compromises come in many forms, be they financially driven or dictated by parents, siblings or even by one’s own offspring. If you felt that word which I just used РDICTATE Рring a bell in your mind, then it is worthwhile asking yourself why this is the case. Perhaps you thought that none of your family would dream of dictating to you? On the other hand, you may have felt sympathy in your heart and a clear sense of identification with the distress and frustration of being dictated to.

Yet you have to realize that you can only be dictated to by friends, family, siblings, offspring, (or whoever else) if you allow them to do this. They do not dictate to you. Rather, you ALLOW them, and perhaps even INVITE them to dictate to you.

If you feel yourself identifying with this thread of ambivalent frustration, then perhaps now is the right time to take a step back and decide what YOUR priorities are in life; your priorities as a couple. You two are planning to spend the rest of your lives together, and so it is essential that you set off upon the right track.

Together you can stand firm, knowing that you have each other’s support, encouragement and understanding. This is what builds your strength and builds your confidence. And confidence is what stops you from unwittingly inviting those others around you to dictate their wishes and ideas upon your special day. Together you can stand firm and ensure that your wedding day is the special day that you want it to be.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in confidence hypnosis mp3 downloads.

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