Planning the Perfect Bucks Party

So it’s your best mate’s Buck’s party and it’s your responsibility to throw him a night he’ll never forget… a worthy send off from singledom. Chances are you’ve never organized a Buck’s night before and it can be more than a little stressful.

There are a number of “musts” required depending on the age and maturity levels of those involved, especially if you want to avoid clichés such as having the Buck parade around in a $5 charity shop wedding dress, tying him to a lamp post at 4am, or shaving one eyebrow whilst he’s passed out.

It’s also likely you’ll be juggling the old, the new and the ugly friends, the soon to be father of the bride, the under age brother and the embarrassing ‘got drunk too fast’ uncle, so you’ll need somewhere delightfully tacky to suit all types, yet unrefined enough for a Buck to feel like he let his hair down on his last night of freedom.

Next, there has to be sport. And beer. And food. And girls.

The ideal watering hole for a Buck’s party offers girls, girls and more gorgeous girls, non-stop sports action on big TV screens, ice cold beer, hearty food like burgers, steaks, ribs and chicken wings in large portions served by and need we say again… gorgeous girls.

This place should also have sports memorabilia as well as photos of sport stars spanning back over twenty years scattered around the restaurant to add to the ambience. Throw in the odd real life sports star dining there as well and you’ve got the makings of a very memorable night indeed.

So after sport, beer, food and girls comes the all important ‘Embarrassment for the Buck’.

Chances are you won’t want to ruin your friendship forever, so you’ll need a better way to maximize the embarrassment factor you can reveal during your best man’s speech without permanently raising the ire of his bride to be or family.

Thankfully, having the Buck stand on a chair surrounded by a group of cheerleader girls dressed in tight white singlets, orange running shorts, thick pantyhose and white sketchers singing about their disappointment of his upcoming marriage is surely more than embarrassing enough….

The fact this allows the best man to walk the fine line of fulfilling his duties without losing a best mate in the process is just a bonus.

If you want to arrange a Buck’s party that will be sure to impress but not offend then we know the perfect venue. Conveniently located, with a fun atmosphere, plenty of sports action, ice cold beer and great food… it’s a way of life and it’s the key to planning the perfect Bucks party.