Planning the nursery for your new baby

When choosing how to arrange your baby’s room, take care that the baby will be comfortable and happy in this brand new setting. Most common mistake mothers to be do, is walk into a department store and start buying. This isn’t shopping smartly, and most likely you will end up returning 80% of what you do purchase. Rather than buying blind, we need to design ourselves a beautiful nursery. This project can be turned into a very rewarding and fun aspect to bringing a new addition into your family. With all the options readily available to us today, we will start are list piece by piece.

Crib Styles

The baby crib is your centerpiece and sets the theme for the entire nursery. Choosing the perfect crib will take a little patience and some research. Our most common options of styles are: Bassinets, Cradles, and Moses Baskets. Each has there own unique presence and functions. Bassinets are simply wicker baskets with legs. The advantages of having a bassinet are its light weight and ease of portability. Bassinets are easy to apply themes to and many are available to purchase with specific themes. Price ranges from $80-$1000+ depending on how elaborate and which types of materials the bassinet is made of. Today many bassinets feature accessories with music, night lights, and monitors. Some models also have the ability to convert to changing tables, sleepers, and cradles.

Next we have cradles, which are similar to bassinets minus its ease of portability. Cribs tend to be heavier and constructed of wood. Cradles are built upon rocking legs, which makes the cradle able to rock. Cradle prices are similar to bassinets and usually become family heirlooms that are passed down to each generation. With its hardy wood construction, cradles will last for decades to come. Lastly, we have Moses Baskets. These beautifully woven baskets have handles for easy portability. You can line your basket with either fine linens or a mattress. Moses Baskets are the least expensive of all other options. Their prices range from $35 to a few hundred dollars. Now its time for you to sit down and do some research. Take your time with this choice, because we will be building the nursery around this centerpiece.

Building around the Centerpiece

Once we have determined the style for are centerpiece, we will begin to add other pieces of furniture. Depending on are availability of space, we will add a dresser, changing table (if needed), and a rocking chair. A dresser is an excellent addition to the nursery because it will be are organizing station. We can store all things we need in a relatively small space. Some even have changing table tops if needed. Most important thing to consider before purchasing a dresser is its integrity. We want a sturdy, solid, stationary dresser. Avoid dressers that need to be anchored to walls or are of cheap construction. Ideally, a wood dresser would be the safest. Finally, we will add a rocking chair if room permits. A rocking chair will be a rewarding addition, since it allows you to feed your baby easily and comfortably.


DON’T strip paint if there’s a chance it dates back to 1965 or earlier, as the lead in old paint could be harmful to your unborn baby. (Stay well out of the way if someone else is stripping it, too

DO make sure that all the paint you use is non-toxic – look for one that says it has low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) on the tin.

DON’T ever climb up ladders when you’re pregnant – you could easily over balance, fall and hurt yourself.

DO put new carpet down and paint the room at least three months before your baby’s due to arrive to make sure that the nursery is fume-free.