Plan the Ultimate Wedding Venue for Your Hawaiian Wedding

To plan a large wedding can be stressful and you want your guests to have a good time and enjoy participating so be sure to be mindful of your guests so that you can avoid any problems that may blow up to be large than necessary because of the size of your party.

It’s always important to think of the last wedding you attended so you can take the good parts out and incorporate them into your wedding. This way you also see things the way your guests will see them. You may love the venue and it was easy for you to find, but will your guests feel the same? Did you arrive with children, as they may, and will you clearly mark the building as your own during your event?

Then once I arrive, it would be nice to have a gathering area where I can feel welcomed and meet others without crowding into a small area with people I’ve never met. Call me crazy but showing up to meet 100 or more people I’ve never met is not my cup of tea. But I warm up quickly if I’m comfortable.

Of course the right venue will have to accommodate the size of your party and include all of the amenities necessary for the perfect wedding. You’ll need a place to meet and gather, a place to have the ceremony (if you’re getting married in this location), a place to eat or snack (depending on your plans), and a place to hang-out, form a line, and/or open gifts.

Entertaining children is not always easy, and it depends on their age. But at most weddings you’ll find children and they need room to play and dance like the rest of your guests. But if you find a building that lets them roam into places they shouldn’t be or isn’t very safe (like a building surrounded with water) then you might want to find a way to secure the unsafe areas. Your guests are there for you and they don’t want to feel rushed because they’re children aren’t safe.

Most facilities are finding it easier for everyone if they provide on-site catering for your event. Some even require that you use their caterer. This isn’t a bad thing but it may not be in your plans so be sure to ask if this is important to you.

Dancing is usually a part of the wedding, and if you’re going to have a dj or some live music, be sure that you’ve got plenty of space for them. This makes for a large dance floor and gives you an opportunity to keep your guests interested in staying at your after party. Besides djs and musicians need time to setup and will need to arrive early to do so and you want them to have the room they need to move in and out.

Some facilities are just made for your wedding because they match everything else you have planned. Others are perfect because they match your budget or the location is most convenient. No matter the reason you pick it, just be sure you find a way to make it your own.