Places to visit in Guildford

During your trip to Guildford there are numerous things that you would like to see and also do. With a magnificent countryside and a history of kings and emperors, Guildford certainly has a lot to offer to its visitors. Let’s have a look.

In central Guildford you will be able to discover numerous things. You will come across the Abbot’s Hospital. The hospital was built in the year 1619 by George Abbot as a retirement home for old people living in Guildford. Another place you’ll most probably see is the Guild Hall. A striking fact about the hall is its superb clock built in 1683 hanging at the front of the building. Furthermore, you will see the Guildford Castle and Grounds. The garden is open to the public everyday during a year. As for the castle, during the winter it remains closed. During the summer it opens at specific times. Long ago the Guildford Castle had been one of Henry III’s best homes.

Moreover, you could also visit the Guildford Cathedral. The cathedral is open every day all year round. The Guildford Cathedral was built in 1930 and was completed in 1961. The time lapse was caused due to World War II. The building was built in brick and its inside can be said to be far more beautiful than its outside. In addition to, you may as well have a trip to the St Catherine’s abbey. You may then admire the scenery and have a short walk along the river coast situated at the Guildford town centre. Also, you may have a look at The Wey Navigation. The Wey Navigation passes through Guildford until it reaches the Thames River in Weybridge. The Wey was once very busy with the ongoing business to and from Guildford.

In addition to, there are various interesting things to discover around Guildford. Some of these could be described as Clandon Park, Hatchlands Park, Denbies Vineyard, Loseley House, Painshill Landscape Gardens, Leith Hill and its folly and the Newlands Corner. At the Newlands Corner, you may be able to see some parts of Surrey as well as you can have a great time walking and discovering the natural beauty of the area. You may even see places such as the Surrey Hills, Watts Gallery, RHS Wisely Gardens and the Waverly Abbey. An interesting thing you can do is to take the guided tour of Guildford. The tour may often take place on specific days and times. It is guided and may take around 90 minutes to complete. It also includes looking at historic buildings of Guildford or ghosts and legends. It’s completely up to you to choose which tour you want to take.

You may even go to the Odeon Cinema. It is a multi screen cinema and shows the latest Hollywood movies. Also, you could attend the Spectrum which is a leisure centre with bowling and ice skating among others. Finally, you could go and enjoy yourself at the Guildford Lido which is a beautiful swimming pool of the 1930’s. The swimming pool is normally closed during the winter.