Pinot Noir – Surprising Gift

For a surprising wine gift, you may want to consider giving a fine Pinot Noir on your next gift occasion. Although not as well known as other types of wine, Pinot Noir has many qualities that make it a suitable wine for a gift for any wine lover.

Pinot Noir has a long reputation as being a difficult grape varietal to grow. Less hardy than other popular varietals like chardonnay, it can easily be spoiled by disease or climate changes. These problems make it harder to develop a wine of consistent quality.

This grape varietal has the best flavor when cultivated in cooler climates that don’t have sharp variations in temperatures. Originating in the Burgundy wine region of France, it has been hard to develop a large following in other parts of the world. Recent technological advances and scientific research have improved upon the original varietal to the point that it is much more feasible for growers now then it has been in the past.

Great care must be taking in the wine making process of creating a fine Pinot Noir wine. The grape remains delicate not just in the growing but in the consistency of results. It’s naturally fragile flavors can be easily overpowered by using the wrong wood for the aging barrels as well as introducing the wrong additives to the process. Often batches will be blended together to create a better tasting wine when imperfections occur in the processing.

Pinot Noir grapes generally produce a light to medium-bodied wine with very silky tannins. This results in a light hued red wine ranging from cherry to plum in tone. They are very aromatic wines with notes of berry, violets, cherry and spices often observed in the wine. The aging process can add earthier dimensions, as well.

Very fine Pinot Noirs are currently available for your wine gift choices. Many of these are produced in the United States where the climate has helped it become a major producer of Pinot Noir grapes. The most prestigious of the American Pinot Noirs come from California and Oregon whose climates are uniquely suited to this varietal.

This type of wine makes an appropriate gift for most anyone as it has a wide array of subtle flavors among the various vintages. This makes it amply suitable for pairing with a good selection of foods. Salmon is one of the ideal pairings with Pinot Noir. The flavors of both the wine and the fish are light while remaining delicately complex. This allows the two to complement each other very nicely.

Pinot Noir also goes wonderfully with many other foods, though. Almost any kind of meat can go with a Pinot Noir such as lamb, beef and pork. This type of wine goes very well with creamy sauces also. The only thing you must remember is to not serve it with highly seasoned or spicy foods as the wine’s delicate flavors will be easily overwhelmed.

This often underrated wine would make an excellent choice for many of your wine loving friends.