Pillow Fillings – Which One to Choose

The pillow you choose has a direct impact on the night’s sleep you get – well, in a lot of cases anyway. So, how do you choose from the array of different pillow fillings, and what’s the difference?

Choosing between feathers and down is the big decision that rages in the pillow fillings debate. These materials come from ducks and geese and down is considered a better material for longevity and also seen as softer than feather pillows. Mixtures of the two are also available.

Feather Pillows:
The feathers in pillows are good for comfort, but are still not seen to be as comfortable as down. These feathers come from ducks and geese, and contain quills that often end up heavier than the down pillows, which don’t have these quills. Feathers are also flat in their shape, whereas down is thick and multi-dimensional and so holds shape better. Pillows don’t tend to be filled with feathers only for the aforementioned reasons.

Down Pillows:
This is the material that is held below the feathers in ducks and geese. It is a soft and fluffy material that is multidimensional and is made up of small fibres that link together and keep heat in. Generally, down is found on the chests of birds and is seen as a long lasting and strong material and is up to 15 per cent of the bird’s total weight. These pillows are also washable, the clusters of down also keep the material cool in summer as they turn the heat into moisture.

Siberian white geese have the best down in the world, however this is expensive as it is a labour intensive effort and the down has to be taken by hand. This down is from old geese from the northern climes of Russia and is harvested around three times a year. The reason they are hand harvested is because it allows them to hold the maximum amount of heat. However, though expensive you may never have to buy another pillow again, once the item is looked after. This is because of the high quality and the longevity of the material. When you take into consideration its comfort levels you also get an idea of the value at hand.

A Mixture of Down and Feather Pillows:
Most pillows with natural fillings are made from a mixture of down and feathers. These two items come together to give you ultimate comfort, as well as breathability and longevity.

Hollofibre and Microfibre Pillows:
Hollofibre and microfibre pillows are synthetic, man-made materials. These may not have the luxurious image that feathers and down have, but they still offer a great level of comfort. In addition, people who suffer from allergies will appreciate pillows with this sort of filling. If one of your limitations is budget, consider one of these fillings as their price is lower, but they still offer a good amount of support and they tend to retain their shape better than the natural fillings.

Choosing a pillow for your hotel is dependent on a number of things, but buying within your budget, and buying something that suits your guests the most is of utmost importance.